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Why Everyone Should Play An Instrument Essay

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So let’s say you want to become rich, famous, and adored by a vast majority of the world. You’ve got some options. You could write a great book. You could play the lead in an expensive movie. Or you could become a rock star. While it’s unlikely that you’ll ever do any of those things and become rich and famous, each of those things on their own adds an incredible amount of value to your life personally. Today, I want to tell you why everyone should learn to play an instrument if they want to better themselves.

Why Everyone Should Play An Instrument

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I. Playing an instrument improves your physical body

Playing an instrument improves your physical control and well-being. Instruments require varying levels of both stamina and physical prowess to play. If you’ve ever been to a concert and watched the drummer, you’ve seen this in action — by the end of the first two songs, most drummers are drenched in sweat. Researchers from the University of Chichester found that touring drummers burn an average of 300 calories per hour, and lose a quart of body fluids in that same timeframe. Drumming might be an extreme example, but playing any instrument while standing strains your whole body.

Playing an instrument also improves your coordination. Drumming comes to mind as an extreme example of coordinating four limbs to operate independently at once, but even the piano takes a high level of hand-eye coordination to play well. Instruments train you to move smoothly, quickly, and precisely as you learn to keep rhythm while playing the correct notes.

II. Playing an instrument improves your mind

As physical as instrumental hand-eye coordination is, it’s also a mental exercise. Learning chords, rhythm patterns, and reading music enhance your mind. Playing an instrument can increase your memory, improve your organizational skills, and refine your math and reading abilities. As an example, let’s say you’re playing the guitar and learning how to play Crazy Train. First, you hav…

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