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Essay On Why College Athletes Should Be Paid Paper

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Michael Vick, a quarterback in the NFL, has a debt of over 18 million dollars.Then there is Diego Maradona, the famous Argentinian soccer player. He went broke because of poor investments in money. Does that make you rethink whether college athletes should be paid or not?This speech is pretty straight forward. i am here today to talk to you about why college athletes need to be paid.

First off college athletes are an employee of the school. why do I and other experts say that? well, they devote roughly 43 hours to their particular sport a week. That my friend is 3 more hours more than an average hard working American works in a week. Also they travel all over the US to their games. Those can be very long and exhausting week for the athletes. Students are supposed to be in the classroom learning right? Well athletes have to miss class time so they can travel to and from their games. The student- Athlete misses valuable information in the classroom and time to study.

Should Ncaa Athletes Be Paid Essay

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Their coaches get paid to coach these kids which is the appropriate thing to do, but they get paid rather handsomely, just some examples to show you why the athletes must be paid at least a certain amount of dollars. Coach K or Mike Krzyzewski of the duke basketball program gets paid roughly 7 million dollars a year to coach. Nick Saban of the Alabama crimsontide football program gets paid 5 million dollars a year. The college student- athlete gets paid what? nothing! Some say that their payment is their tuition being paid for. To be honest with you college athletes don’t have extra change in their pockets because they don’t have time for a job. Their sport that they are playing is their job! players are a symbol of the program that they are representing.

Their school uses them as a marketing tool. There are definitely some pros and cons to marketing student athletes. The pro is that the students get more popularity, the NCAA brings in about $9.12 million in revenue bec…

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