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Frost Structure Paper

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Structure is a major consideration in poetry and also represents an issue that many critics and poets argue about.For some, a poem is not a real poem without some kind of formal structure.To many of these people, a poet writing without structure should not be considered a true poet.For others, structure is viewed as limiting a poem.The question then, is who is right in this argument.Is structure necessary to a poem’Or does structure just get in the way of good poetry’A consideration of two major poets will show that both unstructured and structured forms are not only acceptable, but capable of resulting in poets that are considered among the best ever.These two poets are Walt Whitman and Robert Frost, each poet on the opposite of the argument and yet both poets using their opposite approach to create effective poetry.This leads to the final answer, which is that the important point is not whether or not structure is used, but whether the poet uses either structure or the absence of structure Leaves of Grass was Whitman’sfirst published book and was noticed by critics mainly because Whitman rejected standard verse form.In saying that the work was noticed, it is important to emphasize that the work was largely criticized for this aspect of it.One source describes the criticism as being because of “its innovation in verse form – that it, the use of free verse in long rhythmical lines with a natural, “organic” structure” (The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia).At the same time, it is important to note that the criticism that occurred should not be seen as a sign of Whitman’s failure.Instead, it is best seen as a sign of Whitman’s ability to question the methods of the time and attempt something new. The other important point about Whitman’s free verse structure is that it was not something created by accident.Instead, Whitman made a considere…

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