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Hard, very hard to read such a book for people who are too sensitive to the manifestation of cruelty to animals. Soul shudders and shrinks the heart, when you read this story. Page by page, chapter by chapter bears the strong emotions, tears, emotions. These emotions are eventually forced me to experience a genuine sense of shame for the terrible, irresponsible behavior of man in relation to nature and its creations

There are the world’s most powerful, the most brutal and ruthless living being -.

People. The beast can also be cruel, but his cruelty can be explained by natural instincts, cruelty same person explains the cynicism, greed and fear.

A great, eloquent syllable Jack London wrote a touching story about the life of a wolf-dog named White Fang. From early childhood cub had to wage a brutal struggle for existence, overcoming the hostility of the Wild. Surrounding world ceases before him with all its harshness and cruelty.

He was not unaware that such a weasel, neither heat nor affection. Only survival instincts of self-preservation, which shaped his character. Man for him was a god, the mighty power which ought to obey, otherwise the massacre could not be avoided. He did not know about the bliss, which can award the human hand. Human hands fed him, but often hurt.

White Fang Reviews

Cruelty breeds cruelty. White Fang became a perfect predator, ruthless killer is not sparing anyone who seemed weaker. He answered only to force. The only force that exceed his own, that the human being possesses.

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The book is full of sadness and sorrow, but still it leaves a gloomy impression. This is a story about the power of nature, of human weaknesses, of devotion, of struggle, of the laws of life.

Appreciate, respect, love nature and it will repay you in the same!

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