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“Where the Wild Things are” Review Paper

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Essay on “Where the Wild Things are”

A children’s book by Maurice Sendak – “Where the monsters live” for an American is like poetry Agnes Barto or tales Chukovsky for us. It published for the first time in 1963, brought up a generation of young readers. Some of which, for example, have remained frolic with the monsters, but did not return home to mom and dad, as the main hero of the book. For example, the band Metallica (Reload album of the same composition) 🙂 Or, that there is, the plate hard-core punk of 1989, which became a milestone in the history of music altternativnoy. And in the 1979th it was even created an opera, based on the book in which the text is good if typed page. But, more and more new generation go back to the dream of a distant, dreamlike, unreal country where the wild things are. Such terrible outside but good inside.

Russian reader, by the way, just familiar with this book. In the USSR, excerpts from it published in the “Fun” appears. But at this year’s world cinema screens there, finally, the film adaptation of the story. When I first saw the trailer in the cinema advertising, we immediately understood – it’s a movie for me

The main character -. Boy Max – fidget and shilopop. Then arrange home lodge, turning everything upside down, then plug the dog will chase. “You’re a monster!” – exclaim exhausted mom and sends Max to bed without supper. Not that much rastroilsya Max, but harbored resentment. And so, as soon as the night his room transformed into a jungle, he went on a long journey into the unknown country. Overcoming the sea and it got to the monster with clawed feet, the lion roars and burning eyes. However, a well-known loafer Max showed whose Vles bumps, and quickly won itself a high-ranking post of King of Monsters. With them it is a lot of dancing, I play and have fun. But love comes and goes, but always want to eat. Sad for mom and hot home-cooked dinner. And how not to howl with anguish ghosts – Max has returned home. Here and fairy tales end. And again and again I leaf through illustrations showing his son on such funny monsters

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I hope the book will publish in our country, but in the meantime it can be downloaded in pdf format -. Weighs 18 mb download the book “Where the monsters live”

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