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“When the gods die” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “When the gods die”

Three, two, one … It so happened that in that order, I read a series of books, KS Harris on September Detective Sebastian Sira, I mean Lord Devlin. Just finished a second book -. “When the gods die»

So, we have a very mysterious crime. Killed young lady Guinevere. Moreover, it found no dead somewhere, and the Royal Pavilion, during the reception. Moreover, it was the future King of England … Is that he committed the murder?

The young and hot, Lord Devlin taken to investigate this complicated case. Motif in his more than serious – to the murdered body found a necklace to his mother, who died many years ago …

The investigation revealed a number of interesting facts. For example, it turns out, Guenevere killed many hours before she was found with the Regent at the Royal Pavilion. Moreover, the young lady at first which was killed, then dressed, transported the body to the Royal Pavilion, seated in a seductive pose and stuck a dagger in the back of the collection of King. Well, now we know almost all. Besides, who did it and why?

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The viscount will initiate an investigation. Versions set. Perhaps the beautiful Guenevere killed the man who was much older than her. You never know what can be done out of jealousy? Or lover? And maybe … Suddenly it made regent, just skillfully took away all suspicion. Or is there more serious, and it smells like a political conspiracy?

Poor Devlin! From all this, the head can go around. Soon, however, I began to have some guesses … I will not share them here because I was right. The number of suspects was narrowed once, but read it was still interesting. I do not know the answer to the question “why?”, And the last page doubted whether my assumptions are correct?

In KS Harris again turned smartly twisted intrigue. The book keeps in suspense until the last page. Besides, I’m together with Sebastian was looking for clues, trying to assemble a puzzle of pieces. In my opinion, it is so and should be a real detective. In addition, there is in him and romantic line – the love of Lord Devlin and his ladies heart Kat Boleyn. Poor Kate! I very well understand it, because I know what a loving man who single minute can not sit still and always finds adventure on his head

Looking forward to a new meeting with their favorite characters already! Hopefully, KS Harris many books about Viscount Devlin!

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