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Whats wrong with Overland Park Essay

What's wrong with the parents of Overland Park, Kansas? Do you think that your kids will be able to survive on their own one day? Your kids aren't a statement to your reputation. Why must you spoil your children?
Why do you place your children in a world where they count on mommy and daddy for everything? Do you actually believe that when that day comes, they go off to college you really think they'll survive? No, because whenever they are in trouble or need something guess what you're going to be getting a phone call. Of course every parents says that behind every doing is responsibility.How do your children have responsibility when you give them anything and everything they want at their beg and call without earning it in some kind of way?
You may believe/think that your children are a statement to your reputation. Well actually they aren't. Your reputation is because of you. Just because you produced them doesn't mean they are the key to people liking you. If you believe that then you'll just have to wait till the day comes that your children go out and do something "bad" and it screws you over.
What makes you think that your kids have to drive the nicest cars, wear the most expensive clothing and down right be full of themselves? I don't know how many times I have either known someone or heard about them getting used by so called "friends" for the things they have. For all the parents out there who tell their children that they are spoiled little brats, well guess what you raised your children to be that way. Has anyone ever told you that Overland Park is one of the richest cities in the world? Some of that is because there are 15,16,17 and 18 year olds driving around in BMW's, Lexus's and other nice expensive cars.
So what's wrong with Overland Park you ask? It's everything I just told you in the para

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