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What to Wear To an Interview Paper

We act the way we dress. Neglected and untidy clothes reflect a neglected and untidy mind. (Source: Unknown)

It is very important for a job applicant to understand what to wear to an interview. When we go to a job interview, the interviewer assesses two things. One is your attitude and second is your appearance. As you must have heard it a couple of times that “first impression is always the last impression”, so if you fail to impress the prospective employer through your first impression think of it as half the battle is lost. Always keep in mind that whether or not you look professional or unprofessional plays a critical role in deciding whether you should be hired for the job or not.

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It is always a good idea to do research on the company where you are applying for the job. By researching on the company you will be able to understand its culture. Check out whether their employees wear suits all day long or they just wear casual dress like t-shirts and jeans. Although many people believe that applicants must wear only suits when they go to an interview, however, it is not always the best idea.

Imagine that you show up to an interview wearing a three-piece suit but all the other employees are wearing casual dress like t-shirts, jeans and flip-flops. In such situations you will feel out of place and uncomfortable, which will add to your pre-interview stress. Therefore, it is recommended to do research on the concerned company prior to going there for an interview.

After deciding whether a casual or a professional dressing will be appropriate for the interview, heed to the following tips on what to wear to an interview. Remember that the key factors on what to wear for an interview are appropriateness and looks. If you choose the right dressing for the interview you will demonstrate that you are the best fit with their company.


  • Ensure that your dress is tidy and properly ironed.
  • Also ensure that your dress fits you properly. Do not wear loose pants or shirts. You will feel uncomfortable and most probably awkward if you wear too loose or too tight dress.
  • Never wear off-season dress when you go to an interview. Wearing a turtleneck sweater or a jacket in the mid of summer would surely make you feel out of the place.
  • For women – Never wear any types of flashy jewelries. You should understand that you are going for an interview, not for a catwalk.
  • Never use too much perfume when going to an interview. Some people are allergic to perfumes or aftershaves so it is certainly not a good idea to use too much perfume.
  • Women job applicants should never use excessive makeup on the day of interview.
  • Women job applicants also avoid wearing clothing that are too revealing. Keep in mind that there are many professional women who have been kicked out from the company only because they used to wear revealing dress.
  • Last but not least, clean your shoes properly. Also make sure that you polish your shoes a night before the interview.

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