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What is marketing Paper

In this assignment is all about marketing. To complete this assignment I will be investigating two organisations and that is Islamic Aid and M&S. I will be explaining their concepts and principles of these chosen organisationsThe marketing concept is a viewpoint that companies should analyse the needs of their customers and then make decisions to satisfy the customer needs.What is marketing?Marketing is about meeting the needs and wants of customers, marketing is also about understanding customers and finding ways to provide products or services to which meet customer demands.Marketing Mix:The marketing mix is based on 4p’s, which refer to the way organisations use this type of marketing to achieve their objectives, they need to use different tactics to create the methods for businesses to create a successful strategy. Both of the companies I have chosen will need to use the marketing mix and continually assess and adjust to build consumer relationships.Product (goods and services): Quality, packaging (colour ; design), bringing new products.Place: location of premises, selection of outlets, methods of transport, online presence.Price: high or low price policies, price verses quality, short and long term pricing methods.Promotion: sales offers, advertising, sponsorship, public relations, branding and costs need to be weighed against expected benefits.Now I am going to write about two of my chosen organisations.Islamic AidIslamic Aid is an international relief and development charity, which means it, is a global organisation. To carry out its projects, Islamic Aid has built partnerships with many International Institutions. Islamic Aid is totally an independence charity from any government or authority. Islamic Aid respects the cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity of aided people.Islamic Aid was the second Muslim caring organisation established in Europe.Islamic Aid provides immediate help to improve the lives of people affected by poverty, disaster and war.In emergency situations Islamic Aid tries to help in more than forty countries. Islamic Aid has permanent offices in twenty eight countries. They have helped in Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Kashmir, and Pakistan, etc.M;SThey sell all kinds of accessorises, For example; clothes, shoes, jewellery and kitchen ware. Its scale is big but it’s not global, it’s European. M;S is 885 stores are in more then 30 countries around the world, 600 domestic and 240 international and it’s the largest clothing retailer in the United Kingdom as well as being an upmarket food retailer. As of 2008, it was the 43rd largest retailer in the world. Most of its domestic stores sell both clothing and food.The concepts of Islamic Aid & M&SOne quarter of the world’s population have no access to hospitals. Their health is terrible and they have a lot of serious diseases. Islamic aid is trying to provide good health services for these people and also trying to end the world poverty.The concept of Islamic Aid is to benefit cchildren. Islamic aid support nine million children and their families through community projects. For example when Islamic Aid work in a community their attention is to get focused on the benefits to the children of that community and they usually look at what makes children’s life healthy and fulfilling such as: health, education and providing enough of a standard of living and children’s right to survive and developThey are trying to expand the organisation by opening more Islamic Aid shops so that peoples can donate.M;S’s business concept is to offer their customers fashion and quality at the best price and try to give the customer unbeatable value by offering fashion and quality at the best price.Increasing brand awarenessM&S’s growth target is to increase the number of stores by 10 – 15 percent per year, while increasing sales in existing stores. The growth, which will be financed completely with the company’s own money, will proceed with an importance on quality and continued high profitability.Understanding customer needs M&S & Islamic AidIf M&S don’t understand customer needs then they will lose the customers and by losing customers they will also make a loss For example: if M;S didn’t have disability access or facilities for disabled peoples then they won’t shop in there because they need disabled facilities (lifts and wheelchairs) and access. People who can’t walk easily they will provide them a wheelchair, also providing them with a lift for the next floor. M&S aim to sell products to 35+. They also sell quality products to those customers who want to pays more for quality productsIslamic aid understands their customer’s needs by focusing on those areas that need urgent help, such as some areas of Africa. Islamic Aid should make sure that they take care of their suffers. They understand their needs by creating a website which is all for donators to make contribute. This applies to donators around the world so they can donate onlineKeeping ahead of competition M;S ; Islamic AidM;S can stay ahead of the competition by comparing products with their competitors, also by checking what their competitor sells, the price, brand, features ; benefits, quality of service / products. To stay ahead they can also gain more sales so that they can have more customers because usually consumers are attracted towards the sales.Trends are really key as M;S want to retain their fashion ability, M;S thinks its important that consumers buy the product and feel fashionable, also M;S said they need to offer something new each year and in order to stay ahead of competitionTo stay ahead in the business M;S is opening more stores around the world. M;S is tying to stay ahead of the competition by trying to attract the customers with attractive, better quality products on good prices and also with good advertising.With regards to Islamic Aid, there are a lot of different charities that are trying to compete from different supporters for donation such as Children in needFor example, Islamic Aid needs to keep ahead of competition by looking at the competitors data in a new way. Business models, online newsrooms, marketing materials and annual reports. These can reveal secrets which relate to goals for growth.Keeping customers informed M;S ; Islamic AidM;S inform their customers about the new products by using famous characters for advertising their new products. They also inform their customers about their new offers and goods via the internet- blogs, emails, online surveys, FAQ, customers rating and data.They can also inform them by using leaflets ; posters this is for a local promotion which is inside of the city.For example: M;S have just launched some new discount offers and also to save customers money, The top offers of M;S are buy one get one 1/2 price on men’s shirt. Also buy a city suit and get a free shirt, tie and a pair of shoes which is worth �66. This offer is online at Marksandspencer.com.For example: If a new promotion came for a new product then M&S they will try their best to inform their customers by sending them emails and by advertising on TV and leaflets etc. anotherM&S use the internet and they also use e-mail to inform their customers if they have their email address to inform them about new offers of M&S, they also conduct online surveys, and usually ask questions to make sure what does their customers think about M&S, and what does customers want from themIslamic Aid update their donators by informing them via email address, newsletters, local adverts, flyers, posters and in the TV. They will use the information to inform them because if they have any changes in the future they can let their donators know or if they need any help they will ask the donators for their help.For example: There’s a bookshop in London, so mostly peoples doesn’t know about this shop, so to inform everyone about this, Islamic Aid has decided to do advertising for it. During the summer months Islamic Aid is going to run a series of poetry evenings.Utilising technology M&S & Islamic AidIslamic Aid use websites to obtain online donations and the reports of the projects. They also use telephones, and mobiles so peoples can ring or text donations to support the organisationIslamic Aid uses a computer which has their organisational objectives on the websites for people to donate their money. Also by using websites Islamic Aid will know what does customer thinks about the company and usually make questionnaires to get feedback from their customers such as, how they can improve the service.M&S use websites for customers complaints if customers have got any complaint then they can reply back to their customer and also if a customer wants to know anything about M&S then they can provide the information to customer..

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