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What is Management Essay about Leadership Role in Business Essay

Essay Topic:

Most probably, your teacher’s asked you to write a paper or a management essay, and you’re not sure where to start. In this case, this article is a good time investment. So, read it through if you want to find out how to accomplish an A-level management essay.

What is a Management Essay?

No matter whether business management is your major or minor, most of leadership economic degrees include it in their curriculum. The reason for this is simple. Soft skills which comprise abilities to organize a team being a decision-making leader resolve issues and disputes and motivate colleagues. They are crucial for most of the modern positions and are highly appreciated by employers.

Even though most of such skills can be gained only during practice and actual real-life situations, there is a number of concepts, management theory, and information that form a strong foundation of one’s future management behavior. Therefore, it’s no wonder that a teacher wants to assess you theoretical preparation for future challenges. That’s why you’ve got to write a management essay.

Normally, such an assignment has a task — to prove or disprove one’s understanding of basic and complex concepts that can be encountered with while working. Hence, a writer’s task is to amaze their teacher and show them the best results possible.

Where to start?

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Before starting to write one you need to do research and determine a topic you’re going to devote your time to. Of course, sometimes a teacher prefers to assign a topic regarding students’ abilities and the whole term achievements. However, most probably you have only a brand new sheet of paper with nothing on it. In this case, do the research.

1. Open academic books and read credible authors whose management studies accomplishments are highly evaluated in scientific circles. Write down the name of a book, author, interesting quotes that can be good evidence for your overall essay, credentials, etc.

2. Look upon the Internet and research all possible sources you can work with since you don’t want to compose an essay without thorough information on a topic. There is no worse-case scenario when you run out of ideas only half-way through.

3. Talk with people who’ve got expertise on the topic. It’s always good to have a fresh, experienced opinion as you can hear a few thoughts about making a paper really up to date or, even, focusing on certain things that can be found involving by a teacher.

When the information is hot and steamy, it’s time to create an outline that will be a draft structure of a whole work.

There are a few tasks to be completed at this stage

1. Create a thesis statement, i.e., a catchy phrase or a rhetorical question that hooks up a reader at the beginning and will encourage them to read an article thoroughly and completely. A recommendation says that a good thesis statement should open an intriguing inquiry frame in an introduction and give an answer in conclusion.

2. Determine which paragraphs you’d like to cover and what sub-headlines you’re going to have. If your essay has a topic of ‘ The Stages of Project Management: Design and Define,’ then you can surely include other abstracts that elucidate important points like preparation to project management, difficulties of team organization and so on.

3. Build dense planning of keywords and terminology; and assign them to paragraphs appropriately. For this, you can use creative techniques like brainstorming, mind-mapping, association knitting, etc. The task is to find the easiest and most optimal way to arrange words and expressions. They should make sense while writing to will inspire you on your way of creation.

Tips that Help with Writing a Management Essay

When of preparatory work is done, it’s time to roll the sleeves and start writing it. Such an assignment most probably has a typical essay structure which includes:


An introduction can be a real pain when it comes to stating a solid reason since management is mostly about actually implementable skills. On the other hand, if you make to the creation of a concise and informative introduction, then you’re 10 % closer to finishing your work.

Here, you need to introduce the topic and give it a short description. Such a description should include a clear statement and the importance of researching it. Otherwise, if you don’t find your work valuable to the science, then why write it?

In addition

It’s time to give the floor to your thesis statement, which is an embodiment of your own opinion. Don’t forget to make it a leading motif of the whole work. Bear in mind that losing or not mentioning it in the end, will be a mistake itself.

While you’ve managed to open a discussion with your introduction, it’s time to compose the body. Normally, a body should comprise from three to five paragraphs that provide a certain perspective on a topic. No matter whether such perspectives are supportive or opposing, every one of them has to refer to particular evidence, i.e., a reliable source.

Don’t hesitate to add quotes. Always mark them with a reference either right next to them or in the list of references. However, it’s preferable to be able to paraphrase direct citations (references are still a must). It testifies about your comprehension of an idea and deep expertise on a matter.

You need to write conclusions if you’ve run out of arguments. Another reason is that you consider that the statements and their evidence introduced in the body are more than explanatory. They are enough to support your main implication, i.e., a thesis statement.

Normally, a while writing a conclusion paragraph you need to compose brief summaries of the body paragraphs and your final statement. If you’ve used the frame method for your thesis statement in the introduction, then it’s time to go back and conclude it.

All in all, this guide is a good helping hand for school and college students who think that they’d use some assistance with writing. If you follow all the tips and apply some originality you’ll definitely be able to receive that A+ for your paper. Good luck!

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