This sample essay on Conflict Management Essay reveals arguments and important aspects of this topic. Read this essay’s introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion below.

Needless to say, management is an inevitable part of present-day businesses. The most crucial role of management is to work with people in order to achieve a common goal and find the points of agreement among members to achieve a common good. Management is not an easy activity, and every successful manager should know the hundreds of existing techniques to rule other people effectively.

It depends on the situation which such style is the most suitable for a particular case.

One of the challenges in the sphere of management is a troublesome situation that arises on a daily basis. We can define it as a situation that involves more than one person with different points of view who cannot find a common agreement. The difference in viewpoints ranges starting from philosophical views and divergent goals to the desire to get power over a situation.

If arguments are not handled successfully, they usually lead to the breakdown in one’s trust and the decrease of team’s productivity, and this fact may eventually lead to the death of the business.

The main ground of the conflict

What Is Conflict Management

The main reason why disagreement arises is that of different viewpoints individuals have on a particular subject. Without understanding one’s viewpoint, a person gets easily pulled into the conflict. Fortunately, there exists the practice called conflict management that deals with identifying and handling conflicts with the minimum of risks and fairly, to address the needs of all participants of a bad situation, concentrating on a general good.

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There are numerous interpersonal techniques when it comes to managing conflicts in one’s workplace. These techniques may help to remove the misunderstanding between colleagues.

It is important to know them as they are applicable to any relationship. The first step when it comes to managing troubles is to foster an environment appropriate for open communication. Regardless of differences in one’s opinion, it is much easier to stay on the same page with an interlocutor. Another interesting conflict management strategy is dealing with “healthy conflict” that mainly predetermines the largest outcomes. In fact, conflict serves as a motivator for big changes, and change is an inevitable part of any process of development. Negotiation during a “healthy argue” may help to elaborate new ideas that will lead a company to future success. Unfortunately, not all conflicts that appear are healthy. It is imperative that effective conflict solving techniques should be applied in such cases to lead members of a team through the difficult times.

Conflict management & Academic Writing

Conflict way out is one of the major themes for an essay. The assignments to write an essay on this topic can be given not only to students whose major is Management but also to students of such majors as Psychology, Politics, Philosophy, Ethics, Journalism and many others. Completing the assignment, students have a chance not only to demonstrate their writing skills but also to persuade the readers and demonstrate own logic effectively. Critical thinking is the most significant thing when it comes to writing a paper on conflict  solving. The language and keywords students choose for their essays have a lot of weight as well.

Many students wonder why this topic is popular. First of all, considering that conflict is a natural part of any workplace, it is significant for students to learn how to resolve various conflicts and understand their basis. Life makes individuals participate in unpleasant situations, and students should be able to overcome the difficulties. To be an effective manager, students should know how to face with daily stresses inside a team, how to handle loads of work, and how to consider the needs of every individual. It is a well-known fact that social interactions very often imply conflicts and conflict management essays help to understand that there is nothing bad about this in case one knows how to solve conflicts in productive ways.

Generally, individuals like reading management essays to gain credible insights into today’s business and reveal the knowledge of basic concepts in that sphere. Management is a soft skill, one that is developed basically through the practice. That’s why such essays serve as a great practice to reflect the theories.

How to write an excellent essay?

The first step

To write a conflict management essay is not only about demonstrating your knowledge of theory and prominent writing skills. Before the writing process, we should do a lot of work. First of all, you should read and deeply analyze the given instructions or a provided situation. Remember that an essay should be related to contemporary theories on managing. Then, you may use the brainstorming method and write down the theories you find the most related to the theme of your essay. Be confident that you are aware of these theories not to mislead future readers.

If you received a topic, the best idea is to take a situation that will serve as a great example of new concepts you will discuss later. Even more, you may refer to real-life examples to sound more persuasive. Remember that the more complicated a situation is, the more material and ideas you will have to write about. Choose a situation that will allow you to demonstrate your awareness of conflict managing theories.

The second step

The next significant step as far as writing a management essay is concerned is to determine a structure of your writing. Write down a brief outline of the main points and make sure that your essay has a coherent structure. In general, the most popular structure is the introduction that serves as a brief synopsis of theory, a body containing concrete concepts of conflict management and appropriate examples, and conclusion with future recommendations and summarizing of your main points discussed throughout the paper.

Regardless of strict academic standards, many modern-day essays include some bullet-points and headings to secure better readability. Also, you should remember that as far as conflict management essay is concerned, it is not enough to research literature and credible sources and collect the brilliant thoughts. First of all, you should think as an analytic and apply your logical thinking skills.

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