What I Have Lived For Essay

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Essay Example on What I Have Lived For

Over the course of my life, three passions that have driven my life: the need for adrenaline, the commitment of family love, and the endless love for cars. Though simple and uninteresting to one’s mind, these overwhelming passions have lead my life of dullness and bitterness to a life of sweetness and Joy. What’s so life changing of these passions?

Essay Example on What I Have Lived For

Whether it’s the urge to winning a race or parachuting off a plane miles up, that heart pumping, adrenaline, feeling I get is what I would describe fun as.

That slow action time zone I receive in the midst of battling a position for a race is the feeling that cannot be explained, but for one to have experienced it to know. That time zone where everything is slowed, is where I have the chance to forget all the stress built up, and to Just enjoy the ecstasy feeling of the adrenaline.

This ecstasy feeling is so great that one could sacrifice a stressful moment of their life Just to sit down and enjoy the beautiful scenery around them. Then all of a sudden, the feeling would Just seem to fade away and the life I once had comes back. Though knowing the fact that this adrenaline feeling could be experienced again, the depression I have decreases just a bit, while I look forward to the next time will experience it again.

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While the want for adrenaline, comes with the want to return a favor to my family.

Thinking of the pain my parent’s have suffered to give me the life I never had, gives me pains as I watch them come home tired and hungry every day since I could remember. Family first is what I go by, so I would take every available chance there is to be able to return the favor. Parent’s are not Just the people who wash your loathes and cook you dinner, they are the people who have striver to see you be happy. Though I could tell them I love them every day, nothing more than physically showing them proves more.

The day I read my first car book at the age of 5 was the day that marked the beginning of my love for cars. The rumbling roars of the cars circling the track is like music to my ears. Spending time admiring the beauty of each car would be my second definition of fun. But the real fun lies behind a leather gripped steering wheel of an Italian supercargo. The adrenaline that rushes through your brain makes o feel like you never want to get out of the car, forgetting the fact that you once had a life.

Speeding through the hollow tunnels leaving a trail of roars and taking the turns with such speed is what each young car fanatic would have dreamed of before sleeping. It’s a shame that I’m still in the introduction years of my life, unable to experience that life at the moment, but it’s good to know that with effort I can achieve it. Blood -rushing adrenaline, commitment to the family, and endless love for cars are the passions that have driven my life of dullness and bitterness to a life of sweetness and Joy.

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