all of the following are true about scholasticism except
the author of the suma theologica was aberlard dun Scotus

Medieval European cities tended to rely on ___ for drinking water

the pope who gave his blessing and authorized the first crusade was
Urban 2

The cleric who preached up the Second Crusade in the 1140s was
St. Bernard of Clairvaux

The demesne was the land on the manor retained by the lord and worked by peasants and serfs

In 800, Charlemagne was crowned
Roman Emperor

The early edieval church in the west
developed more organized monastic structure under saint benedict

The vikings were particularly successful in their attacks because they had mastered gun powder

Muslim eye witness account characterizes the medieval rus as
Filthy, parasite ridden barbarians

Medieval university
was origninally an educational association of students or scholars, as at Bologna

During the MIddle Ages, the slavic peoples of Eastern Europe
Adopted either Catholic or Orthodox Christianity, depending on their geographic settlements

Participants in the third crusade included all of the following except

THere were no differences between european and Japanese feudalism

Incursions of the Scandinavian Vikings into other parts of europe
were successful because their ships had a shallowdraft, allowing them to sail far up rivers

the principality of kiev was founded by
Scandinavian Vikings

The personal element of feudalism was most symbolized in the relationships involving
Lords and vassals

Charlemagne’s Carolingian Empire accomplished all of the following except
It restored an urban economy based upon the use of money

Monasticism in medieval europe
included women, many of whoom belonged to royal families

philip 2 augustus of France accomplished all of the following except
He became the holy roman emperor

There were no significant changes in the production methods of food in Medieval europe

The buddhist sect that taught that devotion alone could lead to enlightenment and release was
the pure land

Agriculture in Japan
was fundamentally changed by the introduction of rice cultivation about 400 B.

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Under the ashikaga shogunate
daimyo relianceon samurai protection increased

one specific characteristic of Japanese culture is
Its ability to blend native influences with concepts acquired from other cultures

Facets of the Japanese state religion included all except the
existence of a complicated and formal theological system

in addition to their beautiful gardens, another japanese cultural contribution that represents a fusion of Zen and aesthetics is the
tea ceremony

Feudalism refers to a
Medieval trade of land use for military service

In medieval japan, wommen
had varying status, enjoying relative equality as well as suffering discrimintation

the earliest known neolithic inhabitants of Japan are known as the

literally meaning “pot scenery” the Japanese word for miniature plant display is

Outside Europe, forms of feudalism existed in Japan, India, and the Aztec empire

After the death of Shotoku Taishi
The unequal availability of teh civil service examinations enabled the aristocracy to dominate the government.

The three kingdoms of early Korea were
Paekche, SIlla, and Koguryo

Known as “way of the warrior” the strict code of the japanese retainer was called

New class of japanese military officials and retainers whose purpose was to protect their patrons and their property was the

the so-called seventeen article constitution involved
a centralized government under a supreme ruler and a merit system

Inspite of the impact of chinese influence
Vietnam developed chu nom which was a writing system for spoken vietnamese

when the tang dynasty collapsed and after almost a thousand years of chinese domination, the vietnamese overthrew chinese rule, and established a new stated called dai viet

The two early japanese capitals were
Nara and Heian

Japanese creation storeis
connected the physical creation of Japan with the emergence of the imperial line

although earlier tang dynasty based the civil service examinations exclusively upon Confucian texts, the later Song also included both Daoist and Buddhist texts

In terms of its relations with neighboring powers the song
met their ultimate demise at the hands of the mongols

THe Confucian scholar who was the primary proponent of the idea that the correct way to transcend the material world was self-cultivation through the investigation of things was
Zhu XI

THe chinese Civil service examination system
was unable to solve the porblem of officials using their positions to help their relatives

local government in medieval China
did not include appointed government officials at the village level

Which describes the trade network of the silk road the best? It connected
China, india, and the middle east

One of the main reasons for the demise of the tang dynasty was its inability to effectively solve the problem of land distributiont. which of the following statements can serve as a valid explanation for this policy failure
the increasing concentration fo land in the hands of the richand politically influential, coupled with rising food production, led to increasing pressure on the land distribution system

With increase in trade andurban activities during the Tang and Song eras
A landed gentry class assumed a position of social and economic dominance

From the tang to the ming dynasties, widows enjoyed a high status in chinese society

the chinese gentry supplanted the aristocracyas the most influential force in chinese society under the song dynasty

The mongols were able ot maintain control inChina for anextended period becasue they
maintained commercial policies that were conducive to chinese prosperity

due to various technical aspects of the chinese language, its poetry ahd
a brevity in the amount of lines used and the number of words in each line

the most effective expression of literature from the tang to the ming dynasties was in the form of

The sui dynasty
completed thevnew Grand canal system linkingvhte yellow and the yangtze river valleys

Rice became the main food crop in China during which dynasty

according to the confucian school of mind
the mind and the universe are a single unit

because of the threat of the Khitan nomads, the first capital of the song dynasty was ___, and additional threats from the north later forced the song to move the capital to _____
Kaifeng / Hangzhou

Which of the following accurately characterizes the medieval chinese family?
its moral foundation was filial piety.

During the Han dynasty, Chinese literature was stimulated by the invention of

in the Chinese civil service examination system
many candidates who passed the first examination did not go onto a higher level

The buddhist monasteries of the Kushan kingdom distinguished themselves by their commitment to asceticism and Spartan lifestyles

The rock emple at Ellora in central India is comparable to the Christian churches carved out of solid rock in Ethiopia

Which of the following is not true about the vaces of Ajanta
They served only as shrines that were nothing more than holes in the cliffs

the Southeast Asian mainland kingdom formed in the ninth century was

Which of the following was not true about religious practice in Southeast asia
Buddhism and Hinduism were never in competition in the region

Who was the greatest of the kushan rulers

Which of the following statements was true about the religious underpinnings of the indianized southeast avian states
although based on hindu political thought, they afforded great privilege to Buddhists, who won over the masses

The Stringed instrument used in indian music is called
the sitar

One of the cahracterisitcs of Southeast Asia is that it was one of only few regions in Asia that
was never unified under one government

In their political institutions the new states of southeast asia
assimilated chinese and or indian practices into their own ways of doing things

the Burmese and Thai originally came from, respectively
Tibetan highlands and southwestern China

The pratice of sati
affected only upperclass women

the two major geographic components of southeast asia are
an extensive archipelago and a mainland zone from the malay peninsula north to china

Overall, the roman empire exported to the far east much more than it imported

muslim rulers who tried to prohibit the use of alcohol among hindu populations in India proved exceedingly difficult, despite the horrendous punishments that faced offenders

one of the earliest freestanding structures on the indian subcontinent is the eighth-century shore temple at

The development of Southeast Asia has been characterized by its homogeneous religious makeup

As far as social structure in southeast asia was concerned,
there qwas a social hierarchy among the populations of the various socieities

under the medieval Indian land-use system
actual title to the farmland in the realm belonged to the king

Bodhisattvas were those individuals who failed to reach enlightenment and thus nirvana, and once again had to return to the cycle of reincarnation.

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