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“West of October” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “West of October”

Bradbury – a magical cocktail. If you like – a love elixir. alcohol content of not less than 15-17%, both in good measure to the sweet, moderately dryly fault

For me, Bradbury -. this summer. Why his novels, novellas and short stories find me at this time of the year a big mystery.

Dandelion Wine, the great Foringeyt, The Martian Chronicles ….

In all my life I remember the girl that violent children hid in a closet in a single day on their planet through the eternal rain peeped sun ….

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Bradbury pulls out from under my blankets, and carries on a cold night story “Banshee”, and the wind is busy as hung out to dry duvet! (Oh, and it is such a comparison in the author’s head ?! Perhaps that is why – magic, and that’s why the elixir)

I’m going to train, and next to me … a ghost hitchhikers. Pathetic polubity skeptical ghost. And I’m on the top shelf brand “Lada” get into the old locomotive wheels clattering, then on the boat, and then to the cemetery ……

The book “west of the October” collected stories about love and death. Somewhere about love, somewhere about death, somewhere about that and the other. Love at Bradbury different. And death is also different =)

By the way the story “To the west of the October”, after whom is named the collection impressed me much less than, for example, “convector Toiba” or “Laura and Hardy: a novel”. But the sonorous name, pronounced on the bookshelf – such as the type of book is fantastic

Although there are more lyrical fiction.. Not here, other planets, other worlds, no utopias or dreams – it’s just the lyrics of life. Little mythological and fairy-tale. It’s just that mr. Ray’s own prism view of the world, so reading his stories, you do not take their fiction, you perceive their reality!

The story of “a hole in the ceiling” made me sweat for before going to sleep =) Here and Spielberg with King rest =)

from Laurel and Hardy, I cried like a 13-year-old girl.

«Come together with Constance” in a good sense smiled.

from “absurd notes of” the body crawl.

«youngest” touched …. first met the author of the story with a certain degree eeeemmmmm … .. obscene or something =) Although you think so only during the reading – not after. After only touches.

Yes, that list all these stories. It is enough to tell not to read only one thing – wherever you are, in a stuffy city in the bus, in the subway, on his own couch, or on the beach – I believe that you are not there anymore, if the works of Ray Bradbury is in your hands. Well, to read -. You know the good old “winemaker” and “Martian” in his style, in his mind, in his heroes

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