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Web Page Design Paper

Web Page Design The Internet A large collection of computers all over the world connected to one another by networks started in 1969 Began the internet as a military research policy in 1969 Cold War was going on during this time Government created a network that covered a large geographic area and could keep US Defense people in touch Network grew to include scientists, schools, colleges, businesses, and other individuals Individuals does not mean public Network Created when 2+ computers are connected together Network allows computers to share resources such as printers and programs

Intranet- a private network which connects all computers within an organization Intranets are connected to the internet internet- entire system, of networked computers world wide web- part of the internet The purpose of the world wide web is to organize resources Definitions server delivers web pages over the www and uploaded as HTTP Web Server a web server is a computer that stores a webpage and makes the page available for people to view access part of a web server using a URL A web page is a document of the web A website is a bunch of web pages HTML

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Hypertext Markup Language computer language that included a set of codes attached to text every web page needs HTML code indicated which part of the page Web Browsers web browsers help you move from one html document to another Ways to Design a Webpage WYS’vWG such as Adobe Dreamweaver . html or . tm can be the extension Tags anything in are used to format html documents used to lay out pages, text, color, graphics Containers hold text and have a starting and ending tag Text is usually between tags empty tag does not hold or surround text is line break-only needs one pecial codes to modify the related tag nesting fits things inside of each other Fonts and their Attributes face??”times new roman, courier Color “by color name” Types of links external-someone else’s server where things reside internal- your own server where things reside email- link to an email address picture- makes picture clickable in page- links inside ofa page External Links Pepsi tag, hyperlink reference, attribute, value in quotes, url for website, text, closing tag Link Colors vlink link Dreamweaver uses the div tag div is a container allows you to give it a name/section ne of the most popular ways to format pages on the internet 2 common utilized- class and id without class and id the div tag does not work before this exister: container – preformatted text Tables, Frames Dreamweaver and photoshop Dreamweaver can do a lot of things for the web, displays graphics easily Dreamweaver cons- cannot modify images of create images… complete basic tasks such as crop, resample, brighten, darken, sharpen other software is needed for complex tasks Photoshop in web page design establish a rough layout creating header, banner, or footer Creating navigation- menus, buttons, tabs CCD- Charged-coupled device image sensor, with integrated circuit megapixel- buzz word that reflects the total number of pixels that a digital camera can generate per image (width times height). The number is usually rounded up for advertising purposes.

Image editing- modifying, editing parts of or a whole pictures to meet the need of an audience Common image file types jpeg png bmp psD use with Photoshop and other adobe programs only Jpeg- used for a picture taken on camera/smartphone, commonly used for photographs gif- more designed for graphics and logos image color/modes- grayscale, RGB, CMYK Headers- Page headers are mini versions of the home page that do many things that homepages do headers provide site identity and global navigation, with search and other tools exact location can change from site to site the most visible component of site identity 1 . branding-start by creating graphic image and other visual concepts that summarize the essence of your unique product of service 2. size-Your header image shouldn’t be too big or too small, more content-heavy, the smaller the header should be 3. content- immediately communicated to site visitors. etermines the purpose of the site. Templates in dreamweaver Why are templates needed? don’t have to redesign every time save time organization consistency Stock templates can be modified Templates can be downloaded CSS is used for coding templates, and DIVS are used Basics: Dreamweaver CS5 includes a new collection of layouts Designed to work well in a variety of Web browsers These can be personalized Fixed or liquid layouts- fixed layouts are centered within the browser and set to a width of 960 pixels. Liquid layouts are designed to expand and contract depending on the size of the browser window. Small version of layout is called thumbnail

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