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“Waste Paper” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “Waste Paper”

Bad literature is devoted to – written in the epigraph. The original book is called «Pulp», that perhaps there is a reference to the ‘pulp fiction’ – cheap fiction. Apparently, in America too much Dontsova and others like her, because the main character Bukowski novel as a detective

In fact, the “waste paper.” – a parody of a detective, but also in the novel there are many fantastic elements. Yes, such that read and think, instead of whether the protagonist finally gone mad? He himself does not know it, even once tried to test. I must say, it ended in failure, that has become his life is not an unfortunate accident or exception to the rule, but rather the regularity.

oppressive impression leaves the senselessness conditions, violence, vulgarity, indifference.

“I was talented, and now talented. Sometimes I looked at my hands and saw that he could become a great pianist or even someone. And what is involved in my hands? Scratching eggs, writing checks, tie shoelaces, flush the toilet and so on. D. I proshlyapil their hands. And brains. »

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Agree, everyone is feeling that his life is meaningless, that he was not doing at the moment is nothing useful that buried his talent in the ground … And then this sense of always and everywhere. Moreover, in this world to kill a man – a piece of cake, the police did not protect the order, but rather further complicate life, people did not respect each other. This world is a bit like me Sin City. I think, while reading one tries to present a picture, described in the book. But try to imagine any time from the “Waste Paper” in color. Unnatural, is not it? Black and white is just right.

Ambiguous product. I think some of it may seem nonsense at all, and they will regret the time spent on the book. But I can to please you so that you spend on it is not too much time, only 2-3 hours. Dontsova usually longer writes:)

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