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“War and world” Review Paper

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Essay on “War and world”

Unfortunately, the name of a prominent British author known in Russia is not very good. And yet, in my humble opinion, Louis de Bernières – at least, incredibly talented writer, and a maximum of one of the most brilliant writers of our time

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It all began with “War and the World” book. To begin with the summary in the book: “The British writer, winner of numerous European literary awards Louis de Bernières wrote” War and Peace “XX century …” And “let the faithful Iago hisses at me waiter, hack, sneak, hiring …” but this statement is correct 10 times. Belittle the merits of this book is impossible. This volume represents almost 1000 page brick of two stories. Recently I never met a book because I felt sorry for the man that is weak and I need at least sleep, eating, and the administration of natural needs (in the latter case, the book is carried in the “hramik privacy with water” (in the words of Khodja Nasrudin)

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As I said in the book of two novels:. “Wingless bird” and “captain Corelli’s Mandolin,” “Mandoline” a book known and their inclusion in the list of there 100 mastrida, and the adaptation to. . Nikolos Cage starring at about only one thing we can say the compilers of the list – they do not read the “flightless birds” on. These novels are related idea of ​​war and peace, love and of life, the terrible events of the 20th century, connected with war and genocide This film series, but one thing is not a continuation of others can be read at the break only thread connection -… minor hero of the book

Style Louis de Bernières is recognized immediately, and the top of his he achieved it in the Novels. he tells us a story through the mouth of dozens of characters. From the main character to a cat. someone assigned to hundreds of pages, someone just two. But each story – it is a necessary building block

“Wingless Bird” tells us about the life of a small Turkish town Eskhibahche in which live side by side Turks and Armenians.. Muslims and Christians. This is a simple life close to the ground, with its simple joys and sorrows. As long as the question is – what you are not getting essential blood

Perhaps the main advantage of the book is a thorough analysis of the history of the genocide of the Armenian population in Turkey beginning of the 20th century.. The author did not give themselves the right to slip into accusations and loud cheers. He just tells us a difficult history of ordinary people.

When I read “The Wingless Bird” the eyes rested on the details of everyday life and zhizneuklada Turkish town. Crafts and rituals, names and sonorous words of foreign languages. All happy, all pours song.

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