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Walmart vs Nordstroms Marketing Strateg Paper

At first it seemed to me that Al and Fun are wholesalers. The fact that they buy in large quantities and sell them to resellers Is all the proof I need to make that conclusion, or so I thought. After looking at It from a different angle, a relationship standpoint, I now feel that it is an agent because they are an intermediary between buyers and sellers. 2. I would have to blame the American consumers, most of us turn a blind eye to what goes on just sows can get few extra dollars off. Wall-Mart is a perfect example that everyone can relate to, I am sure most of us are aware that

Wall-Mart makes purchases from sweatshops around the world because they know the majority of their customers will try to Justify anything unreasonable just to save a few dollars. I would only make purchases from a company that ensured the safety of their workers, so yes I would certainly be willing to adjust to an increase in price. 3. A. ) Assortment – Walter has a diverse selection of products while Nordstrom may lack diversification, but they do have more of a specialized product selection. B. ) service Imparted to consumers – Wall-Marts service to customers Is pretty much on-existent.

An Individual would need to walk across the store Just to find one worker who most likely knows nothing besides their assigned department. Nordstrom on the other hand, is more of an assorted service, they will be able to offer more assistance in your purchase. C. ) Differences in the value proposition – Wall-Mart sacrifices services and product specialization In order to focus on having the lowest price possible, whereas Nordstrom holds more value In providing better service and having a more specified selection of products, this comes at an increased price on the products.

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