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Walmart Fighting World Hunger – How it affects Sales Paper

Walmart Fighting World Hunger – How it affects Sales




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Wal-Mart Fighting World Hunger – How it affects Sales

Hunger has continued to be a major threat in most world countries, affecting millions of people especially in America. Nashville Wal-Mart market manager, Wade Hunt wants to make a big change to solve the issue of hunger. On a daily basis, many families countrywide have to deal with the constant task of fending for themselves and their loved ones. Indeed, the USDA reported that during the course of the year, almost sixteen percent of the population was unaware of the next source of their meal. This takes a toll on all members of the nation, with millions of people left at the brink of despair every day. This includes both children and senior citizens who are the most vulnerable members of the society. This is a major concern and Wal-Mart is inimitably positioned to make a significant impact, by working with nonprofit associates, societies and its own clientele in order to alleviate hunger in the nation.

“Fighting Hunger Together” initiative was launched in 2010 by Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart Foundation. It committed a $2 billion cash and in kind kitty, through to 2015, to assist in stamping out hunger across the nation. This scheme allows a room for Walmart’s expansion and leverages his magnitude and assets to offer wholesome provisions and enable the Wal-Mart Foundation to award subsidy to nonprofits that aids to solve the great issue.

Donations in form of cash, mobile pantries, food, refrigerated trucks and other forms of resources are bringing a great change in the lives of many Americans. To date, the initiative has provided more that $122 million donations and 594 million pounds of provisions to counties across the country. By the end of 2015, the initiative is expected to have achieved various goals. Firstly, the initiative will have contributed in excess of 1.1 pounds of food from Wal-Mart stores, Sam’s club location and major distribution centers valued at approximately $1.75 billion. This would highly boost sales in the stores because the products would be in high demand. The Wal-Mart stores will highly demand the hunger fighting tools, mainly food and other resources from the suppliers from the agricultural sectors, which would highly boost sales in all the affected sectors and parties involved.

The initiative will also honor $250 million in funding to the benefit of hunger relief associations in all levels countrywide, thus being charitable to the society. Further, it would also mobilize Wal-Mart Associates and customers to work together in the fight against hunger in America. This would create awareness among people across the country and would sensitize the people on the methods ways to curb hunger and have a long lasting solution to the problem in America. Further, the initiative aims to collaborate with the government, other foundations and corporations and food manufacturers, to better understand and eliminate hunger in America.

Through the government support, the initiative will help to create awareness at all levels on the measures required in the plan to alleviate hunger in the nation. The food manufacturers will also be armed in order to supply enough food and other products in the hunger stricken areas in America. Other foundations and corporations will help to secure and provide grants to eradicate hunger in the country and act as avenues that will enable the initiative reach the affected people and areas. In the fight against hunger, the government, food manufacturers and other foundations should cooperate and have a common goal to eliminate hunger.

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