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“Walking on Glass” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “Walking on Glass”

Perhaps we ought to give the impression to stand, but I am afraid that did not have the guts then to write anything.

The book for me is very contradictory, it leaves a very bright, some magic seems so simple and talent of napisano.Sostoit three stories, at first unrelated to each other, but each is itself an interesting and unique, for a mediocre author, each could be the basis of the book, if it is complicated, heavier parts, in turn roman.Zdes there is nothing superfluous, in each event developed by Mr. melted, and all the details of the author thought, all playing the intrigue, keeps in suspense, and, reading with interest a story, do not forget about the other and think, what is it? Waiting, that such a complex form of the author offers not casual that everything explained in the finals, all the stories intertwine, in spite of the different worlds inhabited by characters … and of course, they agree, is not only intertwined, and lightly touching each other, leaving us even in a loss …

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Beginning to reflect, you realize that most stories are connected at a deep, philosophical level Than the plot.

The main conclusion to me that the reality of the existence in our see, whether in the world easily flows into a paranoid fantasy, madness, that seems understandable, is based on some strange and terrible reason ,, and the man who wants to know the truth, can not perceive its severity, it is easier to commit suicide …

However, since I am in the naive belief that the work of art and literature is required to carry a positive charge, and here I dig for themselves what is encouraging. ..Zamok, windswept snow and recorded, which play in the puzzle, hoping for rescue, the two old people, and understand in the end that they can only rely on themselves to cooling down the earth … Red Crow, lies in wait for every gesture and squeeze the last nadezhdu- a powerful, scary and stunning image! Surreal, creepy dalievskaya desert with stools, receding into the distance, on each of which there is a man who lives his life not … Portrait of a beautiful girl fly in the dirt channel, because a dream is destroyed and faith … The unfortunate lunatic -odinochka, priobrotshy represented homeless for long friend and brutally deceived by them …. In any deadlock saves only human warmth and participation. However, there is so little around …

I think, however, that the essence of what is meant by, slipped away from me … I would like to know the opinion of professionals and amateurs of books about this extraordinary product.

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