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Volleyball: Want and Varsity Team Paper

My favorite activity to do is volleyball. The reason why is because of the emotions that I get when hitting the ball, is la rush of adrenaline. This year I made the Junior varsity team for the McCain Cougars girls’ volleyball team. Even though I need a lot more practice, I’m improving every day, thanks to the help of the volleyball coaches and the volleyball team members. The practices can be straining at times and also painful, but it helps at the end because you realize you are improving on the places where you lack skill.

Since I never actually played volleyball, I have to practice a lot more to become as good as the varsity team members. My father is an inspiration of mine because he had a passion for sports too. When he was younger he was a soccer player, and until this day he watches soccer matches whenever he can. Even though volleyball and soccer are two completely different sports, my father gives me advice on the things that I have to do. He would say that there is one main thing that you need in all sports; concentration.

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The first mime I tried out for volleyball I wanted to quit because I would compare myself to the varsity and say to myself, “l suck”. My father would tell me, “If you quit, then you will never know what you are capable of, Just practice more, and then you will see if you really are deficient at volleyball”. Even though I’m not as good as I want to be, I still practice so I can be that good. Hopefully next year I can Join the varsity team, because of the encouraging words of my father and team, and hard work and determination.

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