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Vita Nostra Book Paper

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Essay on “Vita Nostra”

Read «Vita Nostra», it contemplate a few days. The book is complicated, with multiple implications and immediately confess to the ending, which I did not understand. The last few pages have become a mystery to me. Not because it is badly written, no, not so, says just the same well, but unambiguous interpretation of them ending leaves. Dyachenko gave the reader to read on the basis of present exactly what was the ending.

But let’s order. The plot begins with the fact that ordinary girl Sasha when she was at sea with her mother, made an offer she could not refuse. She had to perform strange and frightening her job to show remarkable strength of will and the “prize” was enrolled in the Institute for Advanced Technology Thorpes city. And the fact that it seemed frightening and strange before, is now all right, nothing compared with what she saw at the institute. Next, she will study the complex and a variety of unusual discoveries.

If you take the outer layer of the plot, it is one that I cited in the paragraph above. As you can see nothing special: a vacation, the last class of the school, Institute. But under this simple hides another reality, frightening to shiver. In this combination, terrible in the usual, the authors reminded me of Stephen King, acclaimed master of this kind of stories.

Then, towards the end of the book, the fear goes away and opens the other side of the new reality, beautiful and charming. After going through the pain and suffering we see a miracle, and we understand how all of us at least a little bit of hunting wonderland. All that we see through the eyes of the girls Sasha, the story literally goes through her soul, feelings and experiences.

La Vita Nostra

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In the last quarter of the book, the authors show another plot thread, it seems to me very promising, about the “original, pure speech “. Speaking of this thread, it is difficult to do without spoilers, so let’s just hope that Dyachenko still develop this idea in other books.

I have not seen in the literature of such a combination of ordinary and miraculous. In Panova, for example, in his series «La Mystique De Moscou – 3″ miracle greatly diluted adventure. In «Vita Nostra» as all the adventures that happen to occur mainly in the normal environment with minimum external effects. In the book there are exactly as long as necessary for the story, because the whole point of the book is in the inner perceptions of the protagonist. After reading this book, I understood why the authors of a series called “Metamorphosis”. We are from the first to the last page we see the metamorphosis of the heroine, her rebirth.

Of course, when the emphasis is placed on the inner component, the language of the authors must be at a very high level. Fortunately, they have Dyachenko. The proposals, which they build, somewhat reminiscent of a good blow in billiards -. A clear, accurate, efficient, and play three-cushion

I was told recently that in any review, if necessary, should be primarily described the that the author wanted to say. Express the idea of ​​this book is very difficult for me, as I have said, the ending for me in many ways a mystery, but it seems to me – love. It is the search for love, trying to understand what love is, and make the last layer of this remarkable book. Wanted to bring the wonderful line, sounded at the end of the book, but again it will be a spoiler, so I decided to open a new section on my blog – quotes. Maybe later, when I once again read it and find something that I missed the first time around, I’ll change my mind about the ideas of the book, but not now.

To summarize my review, I recommend the book to reading for all lovers of good psychological fantasy. Lovers of adventure, drive dynamics and the book is not recommended, as it can waft boredom.

Thank you for the wonderful book Dyachenko. I look forward to the continuation, by the way, no one knows whether the planned third Metamorphosis?

The evaluation of this product on a scale you can see in my blog.

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