Improved App Operations with Visual Studio & Management Studio + MSSQL 2005

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Visual Studio 2005 combined with Management Studio helps build. Application operations now become faster and more efficient. The MS SQL 2005 database can be easily connected with the new SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Server Management Studio Express or the Database Explorer Tools with Visual Studio and Visual Web Developer Express. The highest performance, availability and security to run these most demanding applications is used for native data encryption, secure default settings, and password policy enforcement. Active Server Pages and ASP Web Hosting.

Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) is an older technology invented by Microsoft for full support in our hosting environment. Re-invent supports are ASP Hosting, Classic ASP, ASP 3. 0, ASP 2. 0) Microsoft Active Server Pages assists HTML pages to be dynamic and interactive by inserting scripts either VBScript or JScript. ASP pages with the file extension . asp are developed on-the-fly by the web server and eventually any browser can render ASP pages as the resulting output is standard HTML. By means of ASP, Web pages can be dynamic, full of ever-changing content, and browser independent.

Organizations can use Active Server Pages to set a Web front end on existing business solutions or to create completely new Web-based applications. With ASP, script commands, HTML pages, and COM components are united to breed powerful Web-based applications or interactive Web pages, which are simple to build up and revise. Microsoft SQL 2005 Database Server is a robust enterprise calibre relational database server capable of supporting the most demanding web applications and high traffic / ecommerce web sites.

The database can be administered remotely by MS Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer or any SQL Server compatible administration tool.

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SQL Server Data Services (SSDS) are extremely scalable, on-demand data storage and query processing web services. Businesses use storage resources as desirable in transforming large upfront capital and operations expenditures into much smaller on-demand costs. SQL store and query the data virtually any time, anywhere on the web and scales easily as the data grows.

It takes advantage of virtually no restriction on the amount of data stored and uses the same service boundaries for the storage needs at any scale. SQL is easy to manage for web-based services such as cross language translation provisioning, deployment, and monitoring. It reduces the manageability and commodity hardware for lowest service cost. SQL Server Data Services are built with robust Microsoft SQL Server database technologies and will provide strong service level agreement (SLA) covering high availability, performance, and safety against data loss.

It is built using enterprise-class SQL Server Database technology as a storage node. It has the ability to store and handle multiple copies of the data for dependability. The backup data stored in each data cluster. The geo- redundant data gets copied to guarantee business continuity. A secure data is accessed to help provide business confidentiality and privacy. Input/output (I/O) are always optimized for high throughput. Application Agility. SQL Server Data Services supports simple web-programming interfaces like SOAP and REST for quick provisioning of web applications.

Developers can focus on innovating with data while reducing their infrastructure and operational costs. Web 2. 0 friendly Interface API supports REST and SOAP interfaces intended to work with any Internet-development toolkit. The primary wire format is XML. A rich client library in C# or VB providing LINQ query support will be available. Endpoint is always kept secured by SSL. It’s a Flexible Data Model for quick application development and simply adds new attributes to the data set when needed, and the system will automatically store, index, and query the data accordingly.

MS IIS Server 6. 0 (local) Microsoft IIS 6.0 launches a new application isolation mode for running the processing of Web sites and applications of worker process isolation mode. Worker process isolation mode runs all application code in a cut off environment (W3wp. exe). First, HTTP. sys routes Web site and application requests to the correct application pool. Then, the worker processes (W3wp. exe) helping the application pool pull requests directly from the application queue in HTTP. sys. This model eliminates the unnecessary process hops come across when transferring a request to an out-of-process like DLLHost. exe and back again to increases performance.

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Improved App Operations with Visual Studio & Management Studio + MSSQL 2005
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