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2. 1 Introduction Vision and mission are important for all company to make an efficient and effective management of the company to achieve their goals. From the vision and mission, the company can do the strategy for the long term to maintain their sustainability and make a good reputation. Staples also have their own vision and mission.

By achieving it, they do a variety of initiative and programme that suit to achieve the vision and mission such as Staples Soul and Staples Advantage. however, stakeholders, associates and customers are priority for this company.

Because of hem, they can make an improvement, earn profit and open wide range of the stores. Staples also serve a good service for their customer and provide comfortable workplace for their staff. Importance for them to make they always lead in this sector.

Office equipment company only depends on customer and stakeholder to go high level and supply the best product for them. So, vision and mission are important for this firm. 2. 2 The Vision of the Firm Staples Inc. vision is to be a world’s leading office product and be the single- source product authority for millions of businesses.

Staples Vision

The comment for this vision are ood because Staples had achieved this vision as they lead in this market and produce many product by innovating the product to meet the customer needs.

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Staples will open many stores in worldwide in many countries to make customer easy to buy their product repetitively and want the customer choose their company as the only one supplier office product for their business. This company do not have a specific vision. They always want to maintain what they had done by doing it consistently to achieve the vision and always be the leader in the future.

Staples mission is to make it easy to buy office products. By having developed Staples Soul programme, it to help them achieved their mission that is to provide superior value to customers through a combination of low prices, abroad selection of products including eco-conscious choices, high quality and innovative Staples brand product. There are have ten component of mission statement. 2. 3. 1 The Philosophy In philosophy have values and there are sustainability, innovation, committed, accountability and ethics for this company. 2. 3. 1. Sustainability Staples have sustainability value to maintain the company’s position and their standard as the leader in this sector by making robust strategy and offer assortment f the product. Staples have the strategy to maintain the sustainability by focusing the ways that can have the greatest beneficial impact on the environment while also meeting the needs of customers and business. 2. 3. 1. 2 Innovation The company also have an innovation value because constantly make the improvement of the product and a variety product and technology to the customer.

Copy and print and technology services are great examples for this company because after they remodelled stores, expanded the assortment and simplified the technology services offering, the company achieved sustainable top-line growth in both of these igh-margin businesses. 2. 3. 1. 3 Committed Other than that, Staples are committed in continuously improved the system, increasing efficiencies and cost savings that can benefit to the customer. For example, in 2012, Staples launched an e-commerce innovation centre with a team that focused in developing and enhance the e-commerce and mobile commerce capabilities.

It can make easy for the customer to purchase a product through internet by using hand phone or computer. 2. 3. 1. 4 Accountability Staples have an accountability value because they responsible for ensuring that the ompany will continuously growth and build a great empire to generate more revenue for keep a cash reserve and ensure stakeholders get their return. 2. 3. 1. 5 Ethics In ethics value, the company ensure that all staff have to follow the guidance of business ethic has been formulated to keep the reputation of the company.

Staples also created a new supplier code of conduct for the supplier that manufactured Staples brand products to ensure they can meet the quality, social responsibility and secure standard of the product. Staples may terminate its relationship with that supplier if the supplier fails to do so. . 3. 2 The Self-concept Since the Staples be a leader in the market of the office equipment, stakeholders constantly invest and reinvesting into the business and Staples can enhance the quality of the product and the customer will get an experienced the very best in technology product.

Research that I found, Office Depot and Staples had offered same products but each of the products have a categories. In Staples, Staples had provided many varieties in categories than Office Depot. 2. 3. 3 The Customer Staples believe that customer is the priority in this business and they put their ervice. Staples responsible to provide the equipment to students, lecturers, businessmen and all others that used the Staples products. 2. 3. The Products/ Services Staples manage to offer the best in affordable recycled products and to make it easy for customers and associates to recycle the product and the customer also can repeat buying the product through internet or hand phone. Staples had developed and enhance the e-commerce and mobile commerce capabilities. It can make easy for the customer to purchase a product through internet by using hand phone or computer. 2. 3. 5 The Market With thousands of associates worldwide dedicated to making it easy for businesses of all sizes, Staples operates throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The company is headquartered outside Boston. It can make big opportunity to expand the business and be the single-source of products. 2. 3. 6 The Technology Staples having access to a network of dedicated IT experts and one of the widest selections of technology products in the industry, all from a single national provider. Staples also provide Copy and Print Technology services and be the top in this echnology by remodelled the products and expand the assortment of the products. 2. 3. Survival, Growth and Profitability Seventh component is concern for survival, growth and profitability by serving the worldwide with the quality product and affordable to all people that can buy it and can get return or profit constantly and always growth smoothly and can survive for the future. Staples create Staples Soul program by providing superior value to customers through a combination of low prices, abroad selection of products including eco-conscious choices, high quality and innovative Staples brand product. 2. 3.

Corporate Social Responsibility Staples helped the community by doing the charity by helping the needy people by thanking to their customer because always support their products and be the leader in this market. Staples do the charity every year to make them feel thankful. Staples supports communities nationwide by providing resources to non-profit organizations that provide educational opportunities for all people, with a special emphasis on disadvantaged youth. Other than that, Staples also commitment with the environment by implementing a variety of programmes to make customer easy to recycle. 2. . 9 The Employees hey is valuable for company by recruiting them with a good training, give a reward for those good in applying a services for customer and make sure the employees follow the business ethics that had been formulated to be the best company. Staples also provide good workplace for their employees because make them comfortable while working. 2. 3. 10 The Shareholders For the last component of mission statement is stakeholders interest. Stakeholders invest in Staples after they read what are the companys vision and mission. For overall, because of a good product that provided by Staples.

Staples care about the roduct that created by supplier and make a new supplier code of conduct to meet innovate the product and always care about their stakeholders and make sure the stakeholders get their return with a good margin. 2. 4 Conclusion As can I conclude here, the vision and mission of Staples is clear and objective. It also workable and powerful because it’s based on things that Staples is already doing well. Staples also have deep relationships with more than 10 million business customers who trust the Staples brand. They have significant buying power and decades of product expertise, including Staples brand offering.

Healthy of company’s cash flow can invest in growth. For overall of the most powerful component of mission statement for Staples is customer because customer is always right and they believe with services that they provide for the customer, it can attract customer to buy Staples brand products and it can make stakeholders interest to invest in Staples company because they can get more return. By reinvesting in the Staples , Staples can produce many high quality product and enhance the very best technology that can supply to their customer. Customer is priority for Staples.

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