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Bloodborne Essay Essay

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My favourite game from the Souls-Bourne series is Bloodborne. It was created by Hidetaka Miyazaki who oversaw the full development of the game and was the one behind a lot of its ideas. It was a difficult undertaking for Miyazaki given From-Software had not made a complete title game in a style like this before.

It is a game with, Victorian gothic architecture and clothing for all the locations. The game features your character coming to a city that has been affected by a blood plague that has begun to turn the inhabitants of the city into mindless were-wolves. The people of this land have used blood to heal but also to strengthen warriors who would fight the beasts. That is the story the opening cut-scene tells you.

The From-Software games have always had a unique way of storytelling.The lore of the world is hidden in the descriptions of different weapons and outfits as the story we are given is just a small part of the world. Although It seems that it is just a typical story of a hero who journeys to a land and saves everyone he meets, but that is truly not the case with this game. The story has more layers to it than what is first thought to have had as it begins to show that there is a growing presence of the Great Ones, the Lovecraftian beings that remain a threat for a lot of the game until you finally defeat one.

Outfits Bloodborne

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The main strategy of the game is the combat system used to fight the Great Ones. It has always been the combat system that could make or break a game. Thankfully Bloodborne has an excellent combat system that differs quite a bit from their other titles as the pace is much faster in this game. Unlike other Souls-Bourne titles instead of holding a large array of weapons, the game sticks to a close and tight knit selection of twenty-six trick weapons that have an ability to change in some way.

Take the Saw Clever for example it changes from a close-range weapon with diagonal slashes to a mid-range blade that solely hi…

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