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“Veronika Decides to Die” Review Paper

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Essay on “Veronika Decides to Die”

Let me join the chromosomal those who do not like Coelho 🙂 Although, I personally do not care it.

I hope I Love Gothic allow anything negative to say constructively as I once read a book is not the author of the cover to crust (though I’m not ashamed of :), trying to find the answer to the question “What they (the fans Coelho) it sees this … deep or serious?”

first. A lot of people read it? Well, well, they at least something to read.

Secondly, in these books there is something about the eternal and the good. Let primitive and thrown around, but still not how to hate and destroy all around.

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Unfortunately, the list of my positive with respect to the “creation” Coelho has dried up.

The rest of the It is about good and evil, of dreamers and destiny of human destiny can read something from the category of “food for thought”, and Coelho, to put it mildly, not call up this notion. Dear Gothic Love, grow up, read a little more and realize that there is something more worthwhile:)

To be honest, I was a little irritated more and Coelho language. How strange that he wrote as a children’s storyteller, respectively, it seems that it appeals to readers as to small children, not as equals. Gothic properly noticed of Good and Zdle, sorry, Evil;) Only in fairy tales these concepts are clearly separated, everything in life some not so …

PS. Dear uvazhateli and fans, terrible to say, fans Coelho 🙂 Take the trouble to read something from Carlos Castaneda, or the ancient philosophers, for uzreet true origin of “original” ideas of his favorite author, and you will be happy and insight:)

PPP . I think it would be better. Waiting for the comments:)

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