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Ventilation and Oxygen Consumption Paper

The oxygen concentration in water can be altered by the conditions it is exposed to. For instance, cold water has a higher oxygen concentration than warm water. In our experiment, we were able to observe the change in oxygen concentration of water at two different temperatures (15C and 25C) with a fish in each environment. Our results proved that the starting oxygen concentration of the cold water was higher than that of warm water.

It also showed the decrease in oxygen concentration over 60 minutes in 15 minute intervals. Ventilation As shown on the results the fish ventilation rate is also altered by the water temperature. The higher the temperature the more the fish has to ventilate as it attempts to obtain oxygen and the lower the temperature the less it ventilates since so much oxygen its surrounding it. Our results supported this expectation. Oxygen Consumption

As demonstrated by the results as time went by the more oxygen the fish consumed. As the oxygen concentration decreased the more oxygen the fish needed, and the more they would try to consume. Q10 As stated in the Laboratory Manual for Foundations of Biology 2, “The value calculated for 60 minutes (mL of O2 consumed/g/hr) by definition is the Oxygen Quotient (Q02). The mean Q02 at 25C divided by the mean Q02 at 15C will give you the Q10 for oxygen consumption” (Lab. 4, Pg 3, number 4). Our class Q10 was 1. 545454….

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