The importance and the related benefits of properly managing organic waste are still underestimated in many Philippine municipalities. That is why the Philippines is still looming with garbage management predisposition the passage of Republic Act 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act. These problems brought to light during rainy seasons when their effects are seen in the form of increased flash floods and the proliferation of diseases throughout affected areas. Len general, such harmful effects to the environment and to society can be decreased by proper waste management practices.

Roper dealing with organic waste can reduce the potential for environmental pollution while also protecting the individual who is responsible for the discarded materials (Hawkins, 2010). Furthermore, applying proper waste management practices loud result in the reduction of costs incurred in waste collection. Publication Full Text Seth presence of the organic waste management problem in Cube City is denoted by the popular existence of public markets. Carbon Market, the city’s oldest and biggest produce market, is one of the primary sources of such waste.

Though the city’s garbage is collected through trucks, only an estimated 350 out of 500,000 tons of waste generated daily is collected and disposed at the Anyway landfill(Archival, 2012). In order to partially address the city’s existing problem, the dumping of garbage must be reduced such hat recycling must be done whenever possible. Len connection with this, we recognize the fact that the high nutrient content and biodegradable nature of vegetable waste makes it easier to recycle. Despite the global applicability of organic waste management problem, we deemed it best to scrutinize the situation from a local standpoint.

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What To Do With Vegetable Waste

Specifically, we focused our study on the management of spoiled vegetables in local public markets. We conducted this study determine the methods of managing vegetable waste in Cube City’s public markets that are effective in minimizing the dumping of garbage that loud otherwise be recycled. Applying efficient and effective vegetable waste management methods would produce a positive impact not only on the incomes Of Cube City public market vendors but also on the Subcutaneously as a whole and the community in which it lives.

Statement of the Problem The researchers conduct this study to describe the methods for disposal and management of vegetable wastes in the public markets of Cube City. Specifically, the study attempted to answer the following questions: a. How much vegetable wastes are currently being disposed of in the public markets in Cube City? . What method for disposal and management of vegetate blew wastes are currently implemented by the authorities that are responsible for the public markets? C.

How do public market vendors respond to these implemented disposal and management methods? What are their attitudes and behaviors towards these methods? D. What are effective alternative methods of disposing and managing vegetable wastes in the public markets of Cube City? Statement of Assumptions It is assumed that the disposal of spoiled vegetables in the proper and most advantageous man near presents problems to public market vegetable endorsed, and that these vegetable vendors have their own strategies in disposing of spoiled vegetables which differ from market to market.

It is also assumed that the public market area is a factor that affects the method fattest management. In addition, an optimal method of spoiled vegetable waste management exists. Significance of the Study Waste management is crucial for the betterment of the society since without it, people might end up suffering from their own garbage. Studying how public markets in Cube City manage and dispose of the vegetable wastes would greatly benefit many parties in the community including the market getable vendors, public market consumers, Local Government Units, the community and students.

At the conclusion of our research, we will also recommend some solutions that would be Of best advantage to these parties: Market Vegetable Vendors This study aims to help the public market vegetable vendors be more aware that the management and proper disposal of the vegetable wastes is important in keeping the market environment sanitary and to provide them with optimal solutions on their disposal problems.

Public Market Consumers This study will educate the consumers about the sanitary problems that exist in the vegetable market area and to enlighten them of the risks that these problems might pose on the cleanliness of the vegetables they buy and consequently, on their health. Local Government Units Through this study, the responsible government units or authorities would also be notified on the problem of disposing of the vegetable wastes in the markets in Cube City and would also assist them in making actions to solve the problem.

Community By reading this research, the community would know that the proper management and disposal of vegetable wastes helps in keeping it healthy and ell; this may also inspire the society to cooperate in the application of the optimal solution to the sanitary problems of the vegetable market. Students This study would enlighten us, students, of the growing need to be more responsible in the management and disposal not only of the vegetable wastes but wastes in general. By reading this research, students will be more aware that there are actual problems that require attention beyond the four walls of their classrooms.

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