The following example essay on “Foreign Politics of Founding Fathers” examines the foreign policy of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe.

History has shown America that with a strong leader national and international aspiration could formulate. The foreign politics of our founding fathers where the base to the growth of America. These decisions made in the past by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe could have determined how we work internationally today. Yet even through big oversea problems our Presidents pulled through to the US team.

For example when the war broke out in 1793 between France and Britain George Washington chooses to stay neutral. Being neutral was picked due to their recovery from the Revolutionary war.

It finally ended but the British were under watch in the Ohio River valley. To keep America harm’s way George Washington sent John J to make a treaty to keep away the British. America got to know this as the Jays Treaty.

This for a short time restored the peace we once had. Thomas Jefferson tried to follow in the footsteps of Washington but could not. The French and British were at it again. For years America had import export deals with both counties but that was coming to an end. The Embargo Act was put in place to stop trade with America. With this act in place the French and British egan to siege ships.

This made it very hard to stay neutral. Jefferson had to come up with a plan quickly or else Americans would have to be faced with another war.

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To solve this issue the intercourse act was established. This act restored trade with all nations. It said that James Monroe had the toughest foreign policies. One example is when European nations tried to go to South America and increase the size of their empire and he prevents this from happening. He strictly instructed that Europe had to stay away from South America and allow them to colonize themselves.

The Irony of this event resulted in the Adams-Onis Treaty which gave America Florida and outlined the Mississippi River. This also expanded future importing and exporting of materials from Spain. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe had the most successful foreign politics of their time. Even after everything the happened these Presidents stayed strong and stopped issue in their tracks. Thanks to these men this era succeeded. They are had different ways of doing things but in the end they were seen as successful Presidents.

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