Uss Maine Explosion

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The following sample essay on “Uss Maine Explosion”: tells about why did uss maine exploded.

The US Maine, mysteriously exploded in the Havana Harbor, Cuba. Some people say it was a mine planted by a unknown source to try to explode the US Maine, others think it was McKinley making a set up for a reason to declare war on Cuba. But personally I think it was an accidental explosion cause by a fault in the ship. While looking over evidence of the explosion I saw places where the metal was bent out, suggesting the explosion came from the inside, like an accidental fire caused by the set up of the ship.

The fuel in the US Maine was kept in the middle of he ship right next to the ammunition, with one small mistake the whole ship could go up in flames with a huge explosion, sinking the ship. The ship looks like the most damage occurred in the center of the ship, supporting the idea that it was an accident from the inside.

The other evidence that leads me to believe that it was accidental is the way the media in America portrayed the people living in Cuba.

They had pictures of weak, sick, very skinny and poorly clothed people of all ages. To me that suggested that we wanted people to help and feel sorry for the people of Cuba, not to go to war with them.

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The images make me think that we think they aren’t able to defend themselves if we did end up going to war with them. Also, there was no evidence that shows the shell of the ship curling inward from the explosion, which means that unless It was missed in the Images, the explosion came from the Inside of the ship.

Why Did Uss Maine Exploded

When we did a simulation of the way the shell of the ship would curve In the impact of a projectile by throwing a ball of tin foil threw a sheet of tin foil and looking at the entrance point of the foil ball. When comparing the ships pictures to the recorded observations from the tin foil simulation there Isn’t anything In the strictures showing any similarities. The Images Just look like the metal of the ship Is melted from fire.

As you can see from all the evidence that I have compared and analyzed from the US Maine explosion It would have been unlikely for It to be sabotage and more likely to be an accident. Thus I think that all other possibilities, such as a set up by McKinley or a mine planted by Cuba or any other reason wouldn’t make much sense, or have real evidence to back It. Therefore I think the only realistic reason behind the US Maine explosion Is that It was an accidental explosion cause by a fault In the ship.

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