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User Needs Paper

I am going to create a database for a cinema organiser/manager to help them keep on task with the cinema club that the students go to, an up to date with their members. At the moment the data is held on a paper based document, this can cause problems because paper can easily be lost or damaged and back-ups are some times impossible or hard to deal with because to copy all the information out again will take a long time.My database will be electronic, which means I can save changes and make back-up copies of the data easily. My database will allow them to do searches and queries to find data. The database is going to include a list of names, genders, addresses and telephone files. This database will be professional, reliable and easy to use; particularly if the owner does not know the necessary ICT skills. The database will be able to print out reports and present data.The user will need the necessary software and hardware to run the software and also a printer to print out reports. They will need to have a back up storage facility e.g. another drive, memory sticks or floppy disks.The plan of my databasePlan for the Card Holder Table:Field NameField TypeFormat/LengthRequired?Primary Key?Personal Reference NoNumberIntegerYesYesSurnameText20YesNoFirst NameText15YesNoSchoolText30YesNoGenderText1YesNoDate of BirthDateMediumYesNoAddressText150YesNoPost CodeText8YesNoPlan for the Schools Table:Field NameField TypeFormat/LengthRequired?Primary Key?School NameText30YesYesHeadteacherText25YesNoAddressText150YesNoPost CodeText8YesNoTelephoneText12YesNoSetting up the databaseI choose to set up the tables in design view, so that I could control how the tables were going to be formatted. After opening the design view the blank design form can be typed into so that you can create your own field names. Data types and field lengths.Relationships in my databaseTo make the relationship database work I had to form relationship between the two tables by clicking on the relationship icon and dragged one key field to another to create it (shown below on the left of the screen shot). Because one school can have many pupils I chose a many to one relationship, between my tables. On the right hand side of the screen shot shows the relationship editing window which shows that I have created a one-to-many relationship which means one school in the schools table will relate to many schools in the card holders table.How I entered data into the databaseWhen entering data you should not enter data straight into the tables particular if you want someone to enter data for you. It’s easier for a novice to enter data because it’s more accurate and secure if they use an input form. I created an input form for both tables by clicking on the “Forms” tab in the database window and using the form report wizard to createCard holders form School formTo move through the records or check and edit them you have to use the navigation button at the bottom of the form box.Checking and correctingSearching/Sorting the databaseReporting using the databaseI created two reports from my two queries by using the report wizard. To do this you should click on reports in the database window and then ‘create report by using the wizard’. This will take you through various steps to create the report. You can choose the data source, the style of the report, the layout, the fields you want to include and how to sort the report. I created two reports from my two queries. In the first one I chose one style for the report and in the second I chose a different one to look at the more suitable style. The two reports are shown below. One is landscape to get all the data in (even then I had to amend the formatting in design view because the first and last fields did not fit on the paper). The bottom one is much neater and professional looking and has fewer fields so that it can fit in a portrait orientation.Backing UpYou need to back up your data regularly in case there is system rash or other data loss of some kind. Backing up ensure that you have another copy that you can refer to if you lose the original copy.

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