Use of Figurative Language in Poetry and Prose

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repetition of usually initial consonant sounds in two or more words or syllables

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comparison of similar traits between dissimilar things to highlight point of similarity

Figurative Language
-word or phrase that departs from literal language
-metaphor and simile
-ex. Winter’s end implies the end of a person’s life

deliberate exaggeration for effect
-ex. the whole world’s problems are on my shoulders

-words/phrases that appeal to the senses
-ex. the siren in the night played a haunting tone

-use of words to suggest opposite of intended meaning
-ex. parent tells teen “Oh, your room is really clean.”

Literal Language
-the actual definition of the word
-ex. winter’s end is the end of winter

-figure of speech in which something is described as though it were something else
-ex. diverging roads metaphor for choices people must make in life

-assignment of human trait to nonhuman item or characteristic
-ex. the angry sea

-figure of speech that has direct comparison between unlike things using like or as
-ex. you are as quiet as a mouse

-usually concrete objects or images that represent abstract ideas
-ex. eagle = symbol of freedom