Assess How Influences On Dietary Intake May Affect The Nutritional Health Of Individuals

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In this assignment I am going to explain possible influences on dietary intake, assess how influences on dietary intake may affect the nutritional health of individuals, then I will make realistic recommendations for minimising negative influences on individuals in a specific health and social care setting.

Factors what influence what people eat include could be health factors which restrict dietary choices and nutritional intake could be underlying health conditions such as; lactose intolorence where dairy products within the diet is restricted, so the person will have to get calcium from other products like fish- and also use alternatives for milk like soya or rice milk.

The person could have a food allergy like a nut allergy so this means they can’t eat products that contain nuts or traces of nuts.

Dietary habits can infucence could be ones like meal patterns- if they work shift patterns then this could have a big infuence on the times the person eats food because they won’t have consistant meal times and be eating at all different times of the day.

Snacking could be another factor because they may get bored waiting for food to cook and decide to snack this could lead to putting on weight, also food availablity- if they live in a area that is surrounded by takeaways; they will want to go and eat a takeaway rather than cook as it is easier.

Support Individuals To Eat And Drink Essay

This fits into lifestyle; the person might not live near a gym and live near lots of unhealthy places, they could live near a deprived area and may not want to go for a run to get excersice; they may also go out a lot with friends (social eating and drinking) these all have an impact on a persons health.

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A persons occupation is a factor- if someone has a job that requires sitting at a desk, they aren’t getting much excersise and will gain weight, however- if their job is being a fitness trainer or a football coach, then they will get consistant excersice.

The economical climate is a big factor as wages have stayed the same and the price of food and drinks has gone up, and also access to shops- the person may not have a car or the funds spare to get a bus, and if their corner shop raises it’s prices of food then the person will have to pay for them as they can’t afford to get a bus or a taxi. They may not be able to afford healthy food and processed foods are often cheaper (like pizza and microwave meals) so it is easier.

If a person has cultural beliefs- if they are a vegetarian or a vegan, this can affect their dietry choices as they will only want to eat non-meat products/non-animal produce, and often these products are more expensive. Education has a big impact on heath factors, as many people haven’t been educated on what nutrition labels mean so they dont understand what is on the label.

If a person is lactose intolerent, then they won’t be able to eat or drink products that have dairy products and the natural sugar (that is found in milk- it is added to foods), they won’t be able to eat cream, cheese, yoghurt, biscuits and chocolate, and many breakfast cereals. This can affect their intake because lactose is often used for energy as well as it helps to absorb a number of minerals such as calcium and magnestium so deficiencies can start.

This means that they won’t be getting enough calcium (high in dairy products etc) or magnesium in their diet- this can lead to brittle bones, weak bones and teeth, calcium also aids the stopping of blood clots. If a person choses a lifestyle of living on their own; this can have a major impact on their nutritional health because if they live on their own; it is easier to have a takeaway or a microwave meal than to cook a portion of food for themselves, which requires washing up.

It is faster to cook a meal in the microwave or order some food from the takeaway. It is also more expensive to put food in the fridge, which if the person isn’t in a lot due to working then this could mean wasting money on food going off and not getting used when only one person is in. They won’t have fruit and vegetables in as these will also go off and is it also a waste of money. This could lead to a high bmi, high cholestrol, and lead to the person being overweight. They will not be getting a balanced diet or following the eat well plate to stay healthy.

There are several ways to reduce the negative influences that impact on a persons diet; if a person is lactose intolerant, they can still get calcium and magnesium as they can take lactose subsititute to help in digestion. If a person smokes, and they are smoking instead of eating, then this means that they aren’t having a balanced diet or getting all the nutrients they need- the person could cut down smoking and eat more meals when hungry instead of replacing meals for cigerettes.

A person who lives on their own could also get healthier meals in that can be cooked in the oven for a short period of time- they could look online on what the traffic light labels mean and ensure if they are eating microwave meals then they are high in energy and low in salt and fat. If they work shift patterns, then they should ensure the food that they do eat (if it is late at night), that it is healthy and that they don’t just go to the chipshop because it is easier, they should take soup or a pasta salad, not only will it give them lots of energy which is a slow release, it is healthier.

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