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U.S. and Russian Foreign Policy Paper

The foreign policy of the United States refers to the way our nation interacts with foreign nations. Whether good or bad, this policy defines the standards in which Corporations, Organizations, and citizens from each nation interact with each other. Most countries appoint a single figure to deal with the foreign policy issues that occur. In a country such as Russia that figure would be the Minister of Foreign Affairs. In the United States that figure is known as the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State is appointed by the President, with the advice and consent from congress. The current Secretary of State in the United States is John Kerry. John Kerry’s most important job is to advise our president, Barack Obama, on issues regarding the United States foreign policy. The United States foreign policy is a reflection of the nation’s interests as a whole.

The United States and Russia have had a bumpy diplomatic relationship for almost 200 years beginning in 1803 with the acceptance of the first U.S consul in Russia.The bumpy relationship sparked in the early 20th century and was characterized often by periods of hostility and reasonable mistrust.Despite these issues, the United States and Russia have managed to maintain periods of detente in which the two nations were able to cooperate and accomplish extraordinary things. For example, cooperation between U.S. and Soviet scientists led to the development of space shuttles and the first man on the moon. Also, the U.S. supplied Russia with millions of dollars in weapons when fighting Germany during World War II known as the lend lease program. This alliance between the two nations led to their victory in the war and permanent seats for both in the United Nations Security Council. The United States and Russia had even shared a land border when Russia had a settlement in California.

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The first issue causing the relationship between the United States and Russia to become tense …

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