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Two Kinds Amy Tan Paper

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Is more focused on the relationships between mother and daughter. The narrator of this story, Jinn Me recalls of the days when her mother wanted her to be a prodigy in America. Her mother moved to San Francisco when she lost everything in China. At first, she thought that her daughter would be like Shirley Temple as they watched how talented Shirley Temple was in acting. And one day when the narrators mother saw a young Chinese girl playing piano with great skill on the television show, The Deed Sullivan Show, she decided to let Jinn Mel be a prodigy In USIA.

Essay Example on Two Kinds Amy Tan

So she found a retired Plano teacher for Jinn Mel that willing to give lessons In trade of weekly house cleaning. Soon, Jinn Me was asked to go to a talent show to display her great talent in piano. She was very confident and thought that her prodigy do exist. However, her unpractical play embarrassed her family and herself. She felt that her mother would be disappointed at her after the show, but oppositely her mother Insisted Jinn Mel to continue her piano practice and lessons. Jinn Mel continued to rebel. She shouted and wished If she were dead Like the twins that her mother had before in China.

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This stopped their argument as well as Jinn Meld’s Plano lesson. She believed that her mother had totally gave up hope on the success of herself. In her thirtieth birthday, her mother offered her a piano and she claimed it as a sign of forgiveness. Then she felt proud every time she saw the trophy that she had finally won back. The mall character of this story, Jinn Mel Is a rebellious girl. She quarreled with her mother when her mother wanted her to go for Plano lesson. She kicked her foot a little and speak rudely to her mother as her mother told her that she need to go to piano lesson.

Jinn Me is also an ungrateful daughter. Her mother actually wanted the best in her child so her mother let Jinn Me tried several things in order to let her to become a prodigy, but Jinn Me always feel stressed and not willing to listen to what her mother said. At the back part of the story, she even wished that she were not her mother’s daughter and wished that if she were died like the twins. Another character of Jinn Mel Is that she never take things seriously. When she was practicing piano on her piano lesson, she took advantage of her deaf teacher that she never do correction n her mistakes.

She also didn’t look her talent show as an important thing, she believed that her prodigy do exist in her so she was daydreaming when she was practicing for the talent show. As a result, she performed badly on the talent show. The story main conflict is the part where Jinn Mel had a quarrel with her mother two days after she played badly on the talent show. Her mother reminded her to go to Plano lesson but Jinn Mel Insisted not to go and planted herself more squarely In front of television. Her mother came out from kitchen and switched off the television and reminded her again.

Jinn Me that she would never play piano again and she refused to go for the lesson. Then, they started their quarrel. Jinn Me shouted and wished that she were not the daughter of her mother, and when she saw her mother was at the breaking point of anger, she accidentally went too far and wished that she Ana never Eden Odor Ana were AAA Like ten twins Tanat near mother Ana lost In c This eventually stopped their quarrel as well as Jinn Men’s piano lesson. On Jinn Me thirtieth birthday, her mother offered to give her a piano and Jinn Me sees that as a sign of forgiveness from her mother that she had hurt her years ago.

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