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Two Artists And One Great Age Paper

The great age, Renaissance was a time when old beliefs were tested. It was a period of intellectual ferment that prepared the ground for the thinkers and scientists of the 17th century. It was an age that bore two great artists: Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.Leonardo was not a prolific painter like his fellow artists. He was a kind of intellectual painter, a painter who thought a great deal about nature and
about how to represent it in art before he picked up the brush. Yet, one might attribute that quality to Michelangelo as well who was clearly a deep thinker. In looking at the works of these artists, their driven personalities and great accomplishments, one sees many similarities. However, they chose different techniques and different
mediums. Further, Da Vinci was more of a scientist whereas Michelangelo was
more of a loner who was devoted to the love of art and sculpture. Nevertheless, the paintings, statues and unfinished designs created by these two solitary often-abrasive artists are among the most beautiful in the world.Their work is important because it interweaves past revolutionary ideals with modern age of skepticism.
If one person could be singled out as the essence of the Renaissance it would be Leonardo da Vinci. He was a painter, scientist, engineer and poet.He became all that his contemporaries wanted to be. His mind was ever open so were his eyes. Leonardo was trained, as all artist of the time were, by being apprenticed in the studio of another artist. These apprentices started out washing brushes and cleaning floors for the their teachers. These studios, however, were the meeting places of the great minds of the day. Leonardo made contact with intelligent men and acquired the skills of scientific inquiry as well as receiving the finest training available in painting and sculpture. Leonardo got his start as an artist around 1469, when his father apprenticed him to the fabled workshop of Verocc…

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