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Twelfth night Essay

Essay Topic:

Twelfth Night, a play written by William Shakespeare seems to be a very romantic story that has a lot of interesting twists involved. Everyone appears to be in love but within all of these love stories, there is a lot of drama that surrounds the play. All of the main characters find themselves to be in love, yet none of them seem to get that love returned. The problems occur because within those main characters, each person has their own motives behind their feelings and most of the feelings are not returned. Orsino, the Duke of Illyria falls in love with Olivia. Olivia, besides the fact that she wants to veil herself for seven years in honor of her deceased brother, falls in love with Viola. Orsino continues to try however, to prove his love to Olivia even when she wants nothing to do with him romantically.
Viola is actually a woman, but is dressed up as a man. But this whole time as Viola is playing the role of a man, she is falling in love with Orsino. All of these individual love stories are all mixed up into a bigger story that has a lot of drama involved. Orsino finds Olivia absolutely beautiful and cannot get his mind off of her but throughout the play, Olivia finds herself falling in love with Viola's brother Sebastian. Sebastian does not exactly take his time to think about his feelings but instead rushes into feelings of love for Olivia. He thinks he is in love with her and because of this, quickly asks her to marry him. He says, "If you mean well, go with me underneath that consecrated roof, plight me the assurance of your faith." She accepts his offer and they end up getting married.
Viola ends up revealing her true self, that she is not Cesario and because of this, Orsino asks her to marry him. Viola tells later in the play, "After him I love more than I love these eyes, more than my life." This quote showed that audience that her feelings are real and true for Orsino. As wel

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