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Turning a failing business around Paper

The first thing I will do as the new manager is to concentrate on the reality of the lost of market shares, because of outdated product lines. The next one, I will address is to solve the problem that we are having with adversarial communication and the third one, also needs addressing is the ongoing problem that the business is having with competition for corporate funding. These are very significant problems in having to combine all them in an organizational structure change. After addressing all the problems to be solved, I will describe the steps that re best to perform to changing.

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Also I will give details of effect the external environment will have on the turn around of the department. The three main problems: Outdated product line As the new manager of an organization the first thing I will do is to analyze the outdated products that failing. I also compare the competitor’s performance sales of products in the same market. Also review all the products that are enter in the market and decide whether using new technology to compare with our products. Search for the reason why the products are not selling and see what is the customers deed or taste to changing.

The newer technology will be a great enhancement in product performance. It is indeed important to ask customers to feedback on the products. As the manager is appropriate to put together a plan and help identify the circumstances and prioritize improving the existing products, and think how the new materials with technology design changes could be better for the product. Reduce the outdated products to a lower cost or drop the outdated products that don’t have potential customers.

Also as the new manager, set up timeline to develop new rodents if the old products are not meeting the customers demands, and also to think about partnership with other suppliers to help reduce the time frame of development of new products owe. Com, 2010). Adversarial communication Being the new manager I will address the adversarial communication in the organization. I would consider to bring people together that are having conflict about productive, instead of keeping them separate won’t fix the problem. Also listen to all sides and let each person tell their side of the story.

Get each of the people that are involved to write an answer to solve the problem and this can help the person’s that are involved to settle the dispute. Always ask the co-workers to come to the manager before addressing the other staff members. Consider other ways for the employees to communicate in choosing a system to that is comfortable. For example, give memos out everyday and a daily or weekly staff meeting to communicate with each other with adversary. Also give written rules about adversarial communication and let them know that they will be penalized for conflicts they caused.

Congratulate the employees that solve their problems, this show that the employees know the manager seen the improvement of them working together (chronic. Com, 2013). Competition for internal resources Being the new manager over a division, I have to understand that our employees are useful internal resources to the organization. It is significant that as a manager to use each employee’s strength and weakness by placing in a location where they are efficient, and make sure they have the adequate resources to do so.

This will save the organization a lot of money right off the back and making use of our capabilities, and hat are right in front of our eyes. As the new manager I will take the proper steps to help improve change the structure, employees, and the technology. I think that the best answer to our financial problems will slowly dissolve themselves. From the start, this will help our division to save money, and as soon as we developed a new product line the top management will be eager about the finances that will follow (McGraw- hill. Mom, 2004). Steps to manage from the old to new organizational structure: As the manager of a division, I will be taking the steps to change the old organization structure to the new organizational structure. First thing to do is preparing the employees at all levels of the organization that it is critical to succeed in the transition in embracing the change of the organizational structure. Also look for input from the employees through solemn feedback systems and casual conversation before beginning the planning process.

As the manager it is important to accept ideas from employees and taking them seriously, and also ask the employees for innovation ideas for employees to participate in the planning meeting. Also clarify the need for the change in the structure to the employees and clarify each employee individual roles in the project, and how this will benefit the organization as whole. Clarify the positive affect of each employee to heighten their position in the organization. As the manager it is important to send updates about the planning process to the employees through emails and meetings.

The second thing to do as the manager is planning and implements the transition which will take time to form the old organizational structure to the new organizational structure. Form a plan to transition the managerial information and duties of the employees, and to assure that all departments has the information maintain and reorganized according to the new structure. Also implement transition one step at time and it is a good idea to put employees through a training session which them information and ample skills for their roles.

The third thing to do as the manager is monitoring feedbacks after the implementing the transition, and use the feedback from employees to modify specific aspect of the new structure. Permit employees to voice heir opinion after the transition that can add quality to the structure, and also bring it closer to a structure that is appropriate to efficiently and effectiveness of the operation with keeping the employee’s satisfied (central. Com, 2013).

External environment turn-around plan As the manger of a division, I will identify and evaluate the trends that are beyond control of the organization. There several external factors that could have an impact on the decision of a structure change. First the economic factor is a situation that affects the organization, such as the high inflation, unemployment rate, exchange ate, increase tax, and disposable income. Second the political/legal factors are the government policies could have an impact on the organization and legal aspect is the structure of the organization.

Third the technology factor in changing the technology brings opportunities and threats to the organization, for example, the increasingly use of the internet have change the way a lot organizations do their business, and it could also make important information easily to be copy. Fourth the coloratura factor is the trend relating to the population shift, growth rate, and income in the sessions where an organization operates. This trend could be opportunities or threat to the organization.

This will help in assessing the external environment and combine the turn around plan when conducting research on these trends to decide on any altering (strategically. Com, 2012). Conclusion: These has to be taken into consider in achieving the turn around of a failing organization. The adversarial communication, outdated product line, and competition for internal resources are the three primary problems; implement a change structure with employees, and technology. Make sure to manage transition and closely observe any change and make to take immediate action.

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