When Should We Trust Our Senses To Give Us Truth

The meaning of the word truth can never mean the same thing in every bodies eyes, it is a word which can have many different meanings, some people believe it to be “a fact that has been verified” and this comes from a reliable source, I also agree with the statement as it fits my definition as I feel that truth is “an accurate explanation of an event” however that would only apply it actual physical situation as truth can also be applied to knowledge and the ways of knowing.

If we are gaining knowledge we have to be gaining the truthful knowledge which is correct otherwise it would not be correct. It is believed that humans have more than 10, including balance and motion senses. When us as humans are in danger we rely on our senses to help us and prevent danger. So in this essay I will focus on the traditional 5 senses which are touch, see, hear, smell, taste and how we use these to help us acquire knowledge and the truth.

We use our sense of touch to help us to prevent ourselves from danger. If we ever touch a hot pan then we know that it is dangerous to touch it again so we know not to burn ourselves. We also use this sense to test for any rough surfaces or unsupported floors which can cause us harm, also we use our sense of touch as a way of gaining knowledge through bodily kinaesthetic learning when we act out physical movements to help us learn and this is helped by the sense of touch.

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Can We Trust Our Senses

We use our sense of sight to help us gain knowledge and know the truth, as we are able to see if a road is clear to know it is safe to cross to the other side, and we are able to spot if we are in danger by seeing a sharp object or a dangerous person and then we know we are in danger and also learning visually and this is one of the easiest ways of learning and this helps provide us with the truth and viewing what we have to learn in a lesson for example and reviewing notes.

We use our sense of hearing to help us gain knowledge and truth, as we know when a person is in danger as we hear a scream or we know about history or about space if it is explained to us and this helps us gain truth and knowledge, we also know if we are in danger from an unusual sound coming from somewhere, and after this happens we mostly automatically know we are in danger.

Also to compose music we are required to know the sense of sound otherwise it would be very difficult to compose a piece of music without being able to hear the tones and notes. We also need to be able to hear a lecture or know what a teacher is saying to help us to understand and learn in a lesson or lecture from a professor.

We use our sense of smell to help give us truth as we know if we smell smoke or gas indoors in a home there could be danger, either from a gas leak or from fire and this would help us to keep safe and they should be trusted, also to know when milk is sour, as if we had no sense of smell we wouldn’t know if we were drinking sour milk or not as they both look similar, we do not normally use our sense of smell to provide us with knowledge, but we do use it if we want to create a perfume or scent and we need to know what is a good smell and bad smell and we learn from our mistakes of making a bad smelling perfume.

Most people have different taste buds and tastes can be unique to some, for example somebody having different tastes in food and not liking hot chillies. A chef would need to trust his sense of taste to help him create dishes which taste good, and suit a wider range of people’s desires and preferences. We only use our sense of taste to help us gain knowledge for food and learning what food we do or do not like.

I personally think that we should always trust our senses to provide us with truth as we should always view truth as a positive and personal thing, and what our senses teach us may be different to another person which means that we should always use our senses to suit our needs, and we should take certain professions based on our senses.

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