Is Memoirs Of A Geisha True

Essay on “True Memoirs of a Geisha”

About six years ago I read “Memoirs of a Geisha” Golden, and now -. Book-counterweight written by real geisha Mineko Iwasaki, who worked in Kyoto in the first quarter “of flowers and willow” in the 70s-80s

Despite the delivered an opinion, like the book, but it loses the emotional component “Memoirs ..”. There text gently pours, envelops you, weaving delicate lace patterns, emotions – in short, does what it should be according to the canons of art.

Yes, the book is replete with inaccuracies, even a substitute for the notion of geiko on similar – high-class courtesan (to sozhazheniyu, I can not remember her Japanese designation and hand books there), who teach the same that geiko, but that in no way did not It gets worse. She – a work of art, where welcomes fiction, and “Real Memur …” is really closer to the documentary genre. In short, they are completely different.

Is Memoirs Of A Geisha True

The author operates a variety of Japanese terms that are explained only once, in passing, that at times makes it difficult to read.

It’s a small minus Publisher: could be done at the end of the book a small glossary

Mineko Iwasaki skorpulezno shorthand their lives, briefly mentions the well-known people with whom she had to meet, but leaves a lot of questions, pausing at the border. between documentary and fiction. I, for example, it would be curious to know how the ozashiki – Guests in teahouses, understand the structure of the Gion Kobu (entertainment district), designated common strokes, then, perhaps, I realized, against which so on strike heroine

However, if you ignore the dry, while entertaining narrative, I would recommend this book to the reading of – a great way to open the door into the world of the geisha

PS .: amused entry where explained. what Japan is and where to find it on the map.

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