Theme of the Story of an Hour

Write an essay comparing the views of marriage In Trifles and Kate Chopping short story “The Story of an Hour’ (p 16). The theme In “Story of an hour” by Kate Chopin and Trifles by Susan Seashell Is marriage. Both stories are similar in that both Mrs.. Wright and Mrs.. Mallard lose their individual identity as a result of male domination. While Mrs.. Wright and Mrs..

Mallard show this similarity they are different in how they feel about their husband ND how they chose to get out of their marriage.

First of all Mrs.. Wright and Mrs.. Mallard share a similarity in that they both lose their individual identity as a result of male domination. In others words, they both feel like they have do not have the identity that they want. Mrs.. Wright’s husband has stifled every last twitch of her identity. Back In sass’s and saws women were not thought highly of. Mrs.. Wright follows the role mapped by her husband.


Mallard feels trapped and unfulfilled In her marriage but never explain this to her husband. Without a doubt both women lost their Identity due to a male domination. The first difference between the two women Is revealed as how they feel about their husband. Mrs.. Mallard felt somewhat happy that her husband died but still realized that she “loved him sometimes often she had not” (16). She was not happy with their marriage. Mrs.. Wright felt abandoned by her husband because she was not allowed to communicate how she felt and he never acknowledge her feelings.

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Clearly the two women have different feeling about their spouses. The most important difference between the two main character is how the get their freedom at the end of the stories. This means the way Mrs.. Wright get her freedom Is different from the way Mrs.. Mallard get her freedom. Mrs.. Mallard was told from her sister that her husband Is dead. Hearing this from her sister made her happy. She felt ‘free, free, free! (15). At the end of the story Mrs.. Mallard was walking down the staircase when she saw he dead husband

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Theme of the Story of an Hour
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