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Transcendent Life Paper

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Essay on “Transcendent Life”

By Didier Van Kovelart I always expect some extraordinary stroke in the book,

unaccustomed to mass consciousness, whether it is the cloning of Christ, the love of porn star, wrestling with his counterpart. In this book, the author also began with a few non-standard,

even though we already know the course, namely the devitalization of the protagonist. The book begins with the words:

«I died at seven o’clock in the morning.” the hero’s body is really dead, but in the soul remains with the body and began to contemplate what is happening after his death, and at the same time to analyze the events of his life,

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as well as the lives of their loved ones.

Sam hero I did not like, once a weak man, who during his life could not rebuild their lives, was not understood by his wife, was not like a son, and entangled in the fight against wasteland bourgeois perception he found a temporary rest in the open arms of the young mistress arabki.

The idea that Van Kovelart keeps behind the scenes, because this right is not written, it looks something like this: People, as long as you are alive, look around you, hug your loved ones feel your love for him. The majority in order to understand such a need does not die, but the hero realizes that he still loves his wife after the death of that son’s school problems, and that the boy still could find podhod- only hovered over them, disembodied spirit, getting into their brains, watching them all from.

Sometimes it was not bad witty replicas, a pity that there were very few. Funny situations napr.notarius publicly reads the will, which says that Jack (the name of the soul in his lifetime) asks to be buried in a coffin-fantasy, which is a masterpiece of Ghanaian wood carving and has the shape of a fish with fins that the wife asks otpilis in due to the fact that the tomb does not fit into the grave.

still, the book made me bored, because may not be a bad idea, killing hero, force him to comment on what is happening, actions and behavior of people after his departure from life. But, with all this, Kovelart of this topic did not comedy, but in vain, the idea was the basis for the view of the French heartland, with its hardware stores, family problems Jacques and Fabeny, their son, pesky pustozvonok neighbors, lovers, friends, unrealistic expectations of life in general. In general, any God you nor Archangels, nor the Last Judgment, but only a philistine problemki. Oh, sorry …

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