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Traditional Print Media in a Digital World Paper

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Over the last decades, the fast development of technology and the internet has contributed to the popularity of digital media, as a result, the way we communicated and the view of mass communication in modern society has been radically changed. According to Athique (2013) digital media have become the ‘operating system’ of almost every aspect of life, and digital communications have a big effect on our interpersonal relationships. The big popularity and influence of digital media have given birth to the threat to traditional print media. It is not difficult to see that audiences, incomes and sales volumes of print media have declined sharply under the digital times. Despite that, the point of view that the death of print is impending has been enormously overstated as there are many irreplaceable advantages in print media.

Digital media is content that is encoded and stored in the machine-readable format, which includes text, video, audio and graphics that can be created, transmitted, distributed, viewed and modified online (The Centre for Digital Media, nd). Digital media products can be seen everywhere in our daily life such as computer programs software, websites, social media, e-books, digital video and audio. The high popularity of digital media has its reasons. First of all, the wide use of computers and mobile phones especially smartphones, which allow people to be able to access digital media, has accelerated the development of digital media. Also, there exist a great number of advantages of digital media. If you own a PC or smartphone, it is very convenient that you can access digital media without any limitation of location and time. Most importantly, because products of digital media can be uploaded, accessed or even downloaded on the internet, there is less need for manufacturing factories and transport service, which reduce expenditures and improve the efficiency for producers. In contrast, as for print media, Musso, So…

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Traditional Print Media in a Digital World Traditional Print Media in a Digital World Traditional Print Media in a Digital World

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