Tradition Hinders Progress

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Tradition is the enemy of progress Weather it’s religious traditions preventing the study of the dead for better understanding of the living to the churches traditions stopping the progress into the realization that the Earth is not the center of the universe or to take something recent Umbilical cord debates over weather to use them for life saving stem cell research. Tradition is the common enemy among Progress into the future people want the results of science we live our lives due to science but often many of our general populous does not agree with the means we use to get the radical discoveries of science.

I can see how traditions can hinder progress:if you subscribe to past ideals it can deter from advancement. If we are going to look back at what Mary and John did in the past to solve a problem every time, then how are we going to move forward? What am saying is that look back once or twice get the formula then learn and apply that knowledge, improve on it then build but we keep going back and back and back and back!! It is in fact the enemy for progress.

I think that traditions do prevent progess. The best example of this can be seen rulal areas where knowledge is just passed over from one generation to another and children are not allowed to study more they are just used as a labour. Another example is of early marriage of girls who are married at an age of 10 or 11 which ruin their lives.

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in the end i would like to conclude that these tradions r blocking our way to new things. First, what is tradition? And also what is progress?

Tradition is a natural enemy to progress because progress is the antithesis to tradition. The words are antonyms. However, if you mean, for example, the belief in God being an obstacle to progress, or anything along that line, that is beyond a question of tradition and progress. I hope we are speaking just of scientific inquiry. Otherwise, this topic doesn’t work well as an argument because the natural and supernatural are different, and thus cannot be easily compared. in many ways it is. hings like religion, and marriage stand in the way. religion is telling people how to think and what to do rather than have people think for themselves and adjust to the times and environment appropriately. yes tradition is an obstacle to progress. TRADITIONS ARE UNWRITTEN BELIEFS AND CUSTOMS THAT ARE HANDED DOWN FROM GENERATIONS TO GENERATIONS .. PROGRESS MEANS TO ADVANCE FROM ONE STAGE TO ANOTHER… WE HAVE NEVER BEEN DEVELOPED FROM OUR ANCESTORS RATHER WE ARE HEADING TOWARDS DESTRUCTION BY BREAKING THE TRADITIONAL VALUES.

TRADITION INVOKES THE PRINCIPLE THAT OLD WAYS OF DOING THINGS ARE MORE SAFER, MORE RELIABLE AND HENCE BETTER THAN THE NEW ONES , WHICH ARE BASED ON UNTESTED WAYS . IN SHORT OLD IS GOLD . IN TRADITION OLD PRACTICES HAVE VALUES SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY ARE OLD OR AT LEAST THEY GIVES US A SENSE OF CONTINUITY WITH THE PAST . IN CONTRAST MODERN CONCEPT OF PROGRESS DISCARDS TRADITION AS OBSOLETE AND DISPROVEN . THE MODERN CONCEPT SAYS IF IF THE OLDER TRADITIONAL IDEAS ARE SUPPOSEDLY THE BETTER ONES THEN THE MODERN TECHNOLOGICAL IDEAS ARE EVEN SUPERRIOR… think that traditions are just what we believe in blindly. take an example of superstitions we say if we sneeze once then it is a bad omen but if we sneeze twice it becomes our lucky charm. how many of us in this busy life pay attention n count their sneezes. we have often beliefs that if we wear this ring our future will be fruitful and also we see many now if that would be the case then there would be no need to study we’ll wear a ring and not study hard and get a gud result. hat we need is good judging of things taking place in our society. we say we come across a badluck when a black cat cuts our way. if it is so then if a student is studious n he is going to give interview n he is well deserved but when he is on his way a cat cuts off his path it means no need to go to give interview u r failed. we should change our mentality as we emerge into new time being or else we’ll lag behind still following old and useless customs which have no value and no profit in this time.

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Tradition Hinders Progress
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