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Trade Union Research Paper Essay

A trade union is an employee organization that unites workers of a particular profession (professional association principle) or workplace (industrial law) to represent their interests against the employer. This may include introducing bargaining on wages, conditions of work, complaint procedures, rules concerning employment, dismissal and promotion of workers, benefits, work environment and working conditions.

Use free sample research papers on trade unions to learn that union members can get help to negotiate with the employer and the legal protection and legal assistance in their disputes with employers. Trade unions have often also negotiated group insurance. In order to get salary according to prevailing collective agreement or to participate unemployment benefits employee does not need to be a union’s member. Anyone who is a member of a union automatically becomes bound by it and can himself assert his rights. Anyone who is not a member cannot rely on the collective agreement in order to get a higher salary. The employer must negotiate with the union on the business of the company shall be amended in significant degree, but if the change is at the individual level, the employer needs only negotiate with union members.

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The agreements negotiated by the union’s democratically elected leaders are often mandatory for the workers and the employer during an established period of time, and in some cases even for workers who are not members.

Over the past three hundred years, trade unions have developed into a variety of types, under the influence of different political and economic climate.

Therefore, their goals and methods differ. A trade union can offer its members the following benefits:

Organization of action: A trade union can organize overtime blockades, strikes and blockades to promote certain goals. Collective bargaining: Where trade unions can operate transparently and with recognition from employers, they may negotiate wages, hours and other matters related to conditions of employment to be done, for example by signing a collective agreement. Political activity: A union can also try to influence public opinion through campaigns, lobbying, or by providing financial support for political parties likely to benefit the union movement. Providing benefits to workers: The earliest unions offered their members a range of benefits; unemployment insurance, health insurance, retirement and funeral assistance. In many countries, these functions have been taken over by the government but other features remain, such as vocational training, legal assistance and that the union represents its members in different ways remain.

In Western Europe trade unions can be traced back to the 1700s, where society in strong momentum was transformed from an agricultural community with craft-based production to a culture that was shaped by the first industrial revolution. Some of the changes that it brought with it, as new working and wage compression, triggered the storm clouds of the artisans and guilds that feared that their secured jobs were threatened.

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