Toxic Substances & Hazardous And Nuclear Wastes Control Act Of 1990

Objective: The objective of this act is to keep an inventory of chemicals that are presently being imported manufactured or used, indicating among others, their existing and possible uses, test data, names of firms manufacturing or using them and such other information as may be considered relevant to the protection of health and the environment

Essay Example on Toxic Substances And Hazardous And Nuclear Wastes Control Act Of 1990

To monitor and regulate the importation, manufacture, processing, handling, storage, transportation, sale, distribution, use and disposal of chemical substances and mixtures that present unreasonable risk or injury to health or to the environment in accordance with national policies and international commitments To inform and educate the populace regarding the hazards and risks attendant to the manufacture, handling, storage, transportation, processing, distribution, use and disposal of toxic chemicals and other substances and mixtures and lastly; To prevent the entry, even in transit, as well as the keeping or storage and disposal of hazardous and nuclear wastes into the country for whatever purpose

Reaction: It’s good to know that our government have implemented this kind of act, it only shows that how our government is concern with us, because improper handling or improper storage of hazardous chemicals and throwing of nuclear wastes can cause bad health to us.

It is also good because this act let us know what are we going to do with this kind of chemicals and wastes, it educate the people what are the hazards and risks in manufacturing this kind of wastes.

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Integration: As part of the jurisdiction of this article or republic act I’m going to help our government by following the rules and regulations under this law like the proper manufacturing of the nuclear and toxic waste before putting them on a storage or throwing them on the garbage bins I will be like an example to my fellow friends in our community, implementing this then letting them know what are the importance of this law,

Learning: I’ve learned a lot like what is the importance of this law. RA 6969 is important or the ‘Toxic substances and Hazardous and Nuclear Waste Control Act of 1990’ because it let us inform or educate on what are we going to do with this kind of waste especially to nuclear, hazardous and toxic waste or substances like the proper manufacturing of the said waste and proper storage of it. I also learned the penalties and fines given to those who violate this act like being imprisoned for about 6 months to 6years.

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