Azad Kashmir Tourism Industry Case Analysis

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The Express Tribune, December 1st, 2010 in the outlook to regenerate the touristry industry of Azad Jammu Kashmir the authorities is seeking to catch the attending of tourer by supplying them with more and up to day of the month installations in the part and Secretary Tourism Dr Shala Waqar, said that Prime Minister is seeking to originate more strategies in Muzaffarabad non merely to catch the attending of domestic tourer but besides international tourer.

“ We have initiated several undertaking in order to resuscitate the touristry industry in AJK, this is a beautiful part and increased touristry is a method of bring forthing more gross to keep the part, ” While foregrounding the on-going undertakings in the part she said that presently the authorities is working on 16 undertakings, including the constitution of the Tolipir hill resort, the constitution of hill resort in Tatta Pani, development of Chikkar-Sudhangali hill resort, other adjustment installations in AJK, promotion web in the part, Chairlift/Cable Cars, development of Dheerkot tourer resort, development of Pirchinassi hill resort, development of nutrient points in Muzaffarabad, development of Nagaishwar tourer resort, development of route side installations in AJK, up step of the touristry development maestro program, edifice of tourer Lodges at Khoiratta and the edifice of tourer resorts in the Neelum Valley.

General Manager Pearl Continental Muzaffarabad, Aamir Kazi, while speaking to media said that presently they were offering really inexpensive bundles to advance the touristry industry in Muzaffarabad.

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He highlighted assorted facets of the touristry industry in AJK. “ Sadruddin Hashwani, Chairman Hashoo Group, has built an international standard hotel in the part to advance this country to aliens every bit good as domestic tourers, ” Aamir Qazi said. “ Muzaffarabad is one of the best topographic points to bask the natural beauty and to pass clip with household, I would urge this finish to all domestic and international tourers, ” he said.

Sana Jamal, 06 October, 2010. Tourism Department of Government Azad Jammu and Kashmir has initiated a new run to catch the attending of tourers from across Pakistan to take delectation in exuberant green vales, glistening rivers, snow-capped and alpine mountains of the northern part of Pakistan. The latest development in this respect is a documental competition on dramatic sites of Azad Jammu and Kashmir ( AJK ) in order to increase the potency of touristry in AJK. This competition has been organized by the Department of Tourism, Archaeology and Culture Government of AJK with the purpose to research and expose the concealed beauty of AJK. Department of Tourism, AJK has invited Pakistanis to portion their positions, thoughts and information in a 5-7 minute mini docudrama on the beautiful scenic sites of AJK. Documentaries can be in English or Urdu and the top 3 winning docudramas will have catch the attending of ive hard currency award of up to Rs.100, 000. The entries can be submitted to “ Publicity wing ” of Department of Tourism, Archaeology and Culture Government of AJK, Block 06 New Secretariat, Muzaffarabad by Oct. 20, 2010. Harmonizing to the presentment issued by the touristry secretariat of AJK, the offer was valid for all 42 remainder houses under the administrative control of the touristry section. The offer is valid for a reserve non transcending two darks at any peculiar remainder house ; nevertheless, after two darks at one peculiar topographic point, the visitants could travel in front to any other country and bask the same installation at that place.

Balochistan Times 23 May, 2009. MIRPUR AJK AJK Azad Jammu and Kashmir

AJK Azerbaijan Journalists Confederation

… .. Click the nexus for more information.Renowned man of affairs and member executive commission of AJK Chamber of Commerce and Industry Khalid Sharif Saturday has welcomed the steps being initiated by the authoritiess of Pakistan and AJK for the publicity and upheaval of the industrial and touristry sectors in Azad Jammu and KashmirJammu and Kashmir: A see Kashmir.

Jammu and Kashmir

State ( pop. , 2001: 10,143,700 ) , northern India. With an country of 39,146 sq myocardial infarction ( 101,387 sq kilometer ) , it occupies the southern part of the Kashmir part of the northwesterly Indian subcontinent and is

… .. Click the nexus for more information.. He expressed the hope that the gimmick the attending of ive bundle of inducements for the intending enterprisers for investing in the trade and industrial sector in Azad Jammu Kashmir will assist promote local and foreign investings in these sectors. He said that the Britain-based Pakistani expatriates in general and those acclaiming from Azad Jammu Kashmir in peculiar will be persuaded to travel for investings in the industrial and touristry sector in Azad Jammu Kashmir. He applauded sincere effectual stairss being taken by Pakistan and AJK authoritiess to promote and hike the industrialisation industrialisation

Procedure of change overing to a socioeconomic order in which industry is dominant. The alterations that took topographic point in Britain during the Industrial Revolution of the late 18th and nineteenth century led the manner for the early industrializing states of western Europe and A advancement and to advance the touristry industry in the liberated country. He opined latest engineerings should be brought and introduced for publicity of these sectors as per lines of India, China, Latin American states. List of American states


A Antigua and Barbuda A Bahamas

… .. Click the nexus for more information.Khalid Sharif said that foreign investing can flux into Pakistan including Azad Jammu Kashmir in copiousness if facilitated were ensured

Tourism Neelum Valley, Approximately 200 kilometres long the picturesque Neelum Valley is situated to the North North East of Muzaffarabad. Runing parallel to the Kaghan Valley. It is separated from if merely snow-clad extremums, some over 4000 metres above sea degree. Excellent scenic beauty, bird’s-eye position, looming hills on both sides of the noisy Neelum river, exuberant green woods, enrapturing watercourses and catch the attending of ive milieus make the vale a dream semen true. The country is ideal for trekking. A just conditions route opens the vale to tourers upto Kel, 155 kilometres from Muzaffarabad, of which about 150 kilometres has been black topped while the staying part is being matalled. Buss ply daily on this mob and adjustment installations are besides available in the remainder houses of topographic points of tourer catch the attending of ion. Simple cookery installations are available but one has to do his ain agreements for particular dishes.

Hindustan Times Jun 19, 2010. MIRPUR ( AJK ) , AJK authorities had inked an integrated phased program for heightening touristry in the State in coaction with the private sector, and for this intent, colossal financess were being allocated in the new financial twelvemonth 2010-11 one-year budget, official beginnings said. “ Since bright potency coupled with favorable ambiance is available for elating touristry industry in AJK ” .

Ahmed Khawaja, June 12, 2009. Rawalakot is a metropolis in Azad Kashmir, and is the capital of Poonch District. It is in a saucer-shaped vale at lift 1615 meters ( 5300ft ) . It is 76 kilometers ( 47 stat mis ) from Kohala, and is besides linked with Rawalpindi and Islamabad via the neighbouring territories of Azad Pattan and Tain Dhalkot, and with Muzaffarabad via Kohala and Sudhangali by asphalt roads. The chief folk of Rawalakot are the Sudhan folk.

Rawalakot is the territory central office and is situated in the bosom of territory Poonch. The height of this beautiful saucer-shaped vale is 1615m, and is situated 76 Km from Kohala. During summer, the topographic point becomes full of green grass and beautiful flowers including many assortments of roses. Located 12Km from Rawalakot is Paniolla full of unagitated and capturing features. About 20Km from Rawalakot and at 1981m above sea-level is Banjosa. A really catch the attending of ive site full of scenic beauty which besides houses a little lake with boating installations. Surrounding small towns include Topa Soon aka Soon Topa or merely Topa, Kaimon, Thithrot, Motialmara, Trar Dewan, Chare, Chuck, Tranni, Dahmni, Pothi Bala/Makwalan, Kharek, Dreak, Banjosa, Hussainkot, Hurnamaira, Thorar, Rehara, Tain, and Pachiot. Bagh District lies to the North and Sudhnuti District lies to the South of Rawalakot. The route passing through ( Jalooth ) Paniola connects Rawalakot to Bagh And Muzaffarabad. While towards the West are Murree, Islamabad and Rawalpindi parts of Pakistan. Rawalakot is one of the most beautiful vallies of KASHMIR located 80 kilometres off from Rawalpindi Islamabad. It is a three and a half hr thrust from Islamabad to Rawalakot. Rawlakot is besides celebrated by the name of the “ PEARL VALLEY ” .

Syed Khalid Saeed Bukhari 04 September 2009. Neelum is a beautiful vale incorporating about 370 little and big small towns and near approximately two hundred thousand population. It starts from Chelhana and goes till Taobut 250 kilometer long. It is named Neelum due to its river, swerving like the serpent with crystalline sky colored H2O. Like any other population of the subcontinent it has the most heterogenous population with assortment of rites, imposts and traditions. The whole vale is full of beautiful and absorbing sceneries.

Neelum Valley is dipped in beauty Neelum vale about 252 kilometers long and 3620 sq kilometer curvature shaped with olympian pine, fir and Himalayan cedar trees, lies north-south of Muzaffarabad. This ninety-mile long land of flora is ripped apart by the anil blue Neelum river which flows serpentinely down hills to unify itself into the river Jhelum at Domail. Domail, the meeting of two mighty rivers, nowadayss extremely intriguing scene of vernal embracing. This heart-warning spectacle is most soothing to the oculus. Neelum Valley is situated to the North North East of Muzaffarabad and running parallel to the Kaghan Valley.

It is separated from it by snow covered extremums, some over 4000 metres above sea degree. Excellent scenic beauty, bird’s-eye position, looming hills on both sides of the noisy Neelum river, exuberant green woods, enrapturing watercourses, high height lakes and catch the attending of ive milieus make the vale a dream semen true. The rocking alcoholic green woods, snow capped mountains, watercourses singing vocals of joy, and fast fluxing river Neelum, all go together to do it naturalist ‘s wonderland. The country is besides ideal for mountain touristry. A portion of Nanga Parbat mammoth falls in this country which is dominated by “ Sarwaali Peak ” ( 6326 metres ) the highest mountain in Azad Kashmir. Furthermore like Kaghan Valley it is celebrated for fishing and angling activities in Neelum river and Jagran Nullah which are stocked with trout fish. Its exclusive tourer catch the attending of ion is a 17 ( 17 ) century garrison built by the town ‘s laminitis, a head of the Chak folk named Muzaffar Khan, to guard off the Mughal ground forcess of Emperor Akbar. Neelum vale is an gimmick the attending of ive topographic point for tourers due to its celebrated exuberant verdure, springs, watercourses, lakes and hilly and sloppy mountain

Karrar Haidri, Sep 24, 2007, In conformity with the Calendar of Activities for Visit Pakistan Year – 2007 issued by Ministry of Tourism, Government of Pakistan, Alpine Club of Pakistan organized the first of all time National Mountain Marathon jointly with Tourism Department, Government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The aim of the Mountain Marathon were to raise consciousness about Mountain Tourism in Azad Jammu and Kashmir ( AJK ) , create linkages in Mountain Tourism between Kaghan vale and Neelum Valley, raise consciousness about temblor affected countries of AJK and NWFP and promote and engender involvement towards the healthy mountain adventure athleticss activities amongst the young person of Pakistan, in general, and AJK in peculiar. The Marathon started at Kawai, Kaghan Valley, NWFP on 10th September. 150 young persons including 95 young persons from Azad Kashmir had applied to take part in the Marathon, nevertheless out of these 83 reported for engagement at Kawai. Earlier all the participants were lodged at Muzaffarabad on 9th September from where they were taken to Kawai by particular coachs.

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Ejaz Ur-Rehman 2007An overview of the Forest Habitat ‘s state of affairs in Village Barali Kass Kotli Azad Kashmir Pakistan revealed that the country confronting great forest home ground hazard. Habitat loss, debasement and atomization are an issue of primary concern in the country of Village Barali Kass. The intent of this survey was to look at the causes which exploit these meagre and delicate forest resources in the country and what are the steps to invalidate this state of affairs.

Ejaz Ur-Rehman An Overview of Forest Habitat ‘s Situation in Village Barali

Kass, Kotli Azad Kashmir Pakistan, Ethnobotanical Leaflets 11: 266-279. 2007.

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