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Tour De Georgia and Routine Measures Paper

Task 1

List all the systems of the human body and their functions. Explain how body systems interact to ensure proper functioning and growth of the human body.

Deliverables: Learning Outcome 1 (to be met by assessment requirements 1.1 and 1.2) Merit criterion: Has listed all systems of the human body along with their functions and given an example of feedback regulation. Distinction criterion: Has explained feedback regulation in detail by analyzing two or more examples.

Task 2

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A 25 year old individual is working full time as a volunteer in a charity organization. His daily job is to distribute leaflets door to door and take part in charity events. He is now preparing for a marathon run organized by his charity foundation which will be held in 6 months’ time.

Explain how his body responds to his physical activities (particularly in relation to musculo-skeletal system, cardiovascular system and respiratory system). Discuss how body responses are explained by cellular and tissue structure and physiology. Further, explain how his body will coordinate its internal activities.

Deliverables: Learning Outcome 2 (to be met through assessment requirements 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3) Merit criterion: Has identified effect on special anatomical features of the body in relation to physical activity. Distinction Criteria: Has explained in detail the physiological adaptation to exercise and attributed them to specific cellular and tissue changes AND has written concisely and has not exceeded the allocated word count, with appropriate referencing.

Task 3

A 65 year old busy and obese businessman reports to GP Practice with fever and flu like symptoms. What routine tests could be recommended for him? Discuss in relation to routine measures such as weight/height, temperature, pulse, respiration rate, blood pressure, food intake, BMI etc.

How these routine measures are recorded and what are their uses? What information these routine measures provide about the body functioning of this person. How such information about the body functioning of this person will inform care planning for him.

Deliverables: Learning Outcome 3 (to be met by assessment requirements 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3)

Merit criterion: Has analysed and accordingly justified the need for routine measures involved.

Distinction criteria: Has effectively used literature information to support the rationale for routine measures involved AND has written concisely and has not exceeded the allocated word count, with appropriate referencing.

Task 4

An 85 years old woman living in a care home is a known case of type 2 diabetes and essential hypertension. She suffers from arthritis of the knees for the last few years. Recently she had wound on her leg which is not healing easily.

Explain how her age may have affected her body structure and functioning. What impact the above mentioned conditions may have on her body? Relate the effects of her medical conditions on the care and support provided to her in the care home.

Deliverables: Learning Outcome 4 (to be met by assessment requirements 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3)

Merit criterion: Has correctly identified the symptoms and signs of the patient’s illness and assessed the impact of her diseases on body structure and functioning. Distinction Criteria: Has explained the physiological basis of identified support measures based on her clinical condition AND has identified the impact of ageing on the outcome of support measures taken AND has supported answers with relevant literature evidence.

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