In the film Tough Guise, featuring Jackson Katz it touched on the topic violent males or violent masculinity. Jackson Katz reviewed that about 86 percent of armed rob berries, 90 percent of murders, 99 percent of rapes and 98 percent of violence on women are all committed by men. “When we talk about violence in America, whether it’s mass shootings in the r ell world or violence in our movies, media and video games, we’re almost always talking a bout violent auscultation. Says Jackson Katz from the Tough Guise video.

Also (Katz,2014) in the video it says that the statistics tell the story, the overwhelming majority of violence ilk e; sexual assault, mass shootings, murder, and domestic violence resulting in physical injury, is committed by men and boys. ( Katz,2014) . Now (Katz,2014) this is not because all men are violent. Most men aren’t, or don’t mean to be. Most of these crimes take place because these boo yes were taught that they needed to be violent to be masculine.

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This is not the boys fault, it is the way our society is. They see males taking the lead role all over our society. I feel that boys and you Eng men learn early on that being a scalded man mean you have to take on a tough guy imam GE. “Men are basically taught to only show the world a certain part of themselves, they are not allowed to show their emotions. (Katz, 2014) All for this dominant culture that has defined being manly as; being physically strong, powerful, physically intimidating, independent, in con troll, and that they an scare people.

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Also Katz says, “If they are athletic or muscular they are see n as the top dog. ” All of these traits are seen as guidelines to be a real man that is respected. The e media nowadays is showing our culture that being violent is equivalent to being masculine. I would disagree with this topic. I understand fully that if you see something everyday you tend to feel that, that is the way of life and how you should also act. Howe ever also feel that you should know what is right and what is wrong.

Therefore if you see a man rutting another male or female to get what he wants you shouldn’t take that has, that man bee Eng masculine. You should instead take that as being wrong. Therefore I believe that violent masc. linty is not a taught behavior but a chosen behavior with that excuse.

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