Totto Chan The Little Girl At The Window Analysis

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It would seem that difficult to write a review on a children’s book?

But try to gather all your thoughts, feelings, consider and explain to others that such a wonderful saw once a long time ago, when I first picked up this book in your hands? < /p>


Kazhdy times, reading this story about a little girl, I had a strange feeling that it was written by three people: a child, a young mother, an experienced man. And all three of these persons live in one woman – Tetsuko Kuroyanagi.

For this story – the story, the memory


“To stand at the window” – a Japanese symbol of loneliness. In Japanese poetry, this phrase is often used as a sign of desperate, lonely people who are waiting for something. Wait, but wait no longer hope

“The little girl at the window.” – this is the image of a lonely child, and the image of a small, yet very weak man, who does not know that he will meet in the future

When I first heard the words of the song “Night snipers”: “Someone quietly climbed onto the windowsill and looked sadly at the happy people”, I immediately wanted to read the book again.

Although sad to call it difficult. Just a small piece of a life. Without unnecessary embellishment.

The Language and Style

Despite the fact that the book is written in clear, simple child language, there is not a boring sermons, but can say with certainty that the child, after reading it, will make the right conclusions.

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Only a few years before the bombing of US forces in Japan.

That is to say, the story of “srashno” totalitarian childhood.


Personally, I would like my children to ever read this book:)

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